Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting


In this first week of Art 110, we got to do an awesome art project that I hope to do again when I go to the beach. To make it even better, I decided to go do the project on Sunday morning with other classmates and Coach Glenn! To start the process of making a plaster casting of my hand, I decided that it would be better to make a cast of my hand instead of one of my feet because I believed that it would be easier to try to get the fingers, then small toes. The first step during my process was to dig a hole. I decided to make a deep hole because I wanted to make sure that when wet sand was going to be placed on top of my hand it would have enough sand to form the casting of my fingers and hand correctly. Although the process of digging the hole was a bit long, I think that in the end it was worth it because I was able to have the hole filled with a lot more wet sand, in comparison to not having such a deep hole. Once I dug the hole, I went to shore to get some wet sand. I asked some fellow classmates if they could help me put wet sand on my hand while I placed it in the hole. As my classmate was placing the wet sand around my hand, I started to realize a technical problem that I should have thought of before making such a deep hole.


The problem was that because it was deep, I had to reach my hand a bit deeper so that I could place it at the bottom of the hole. Because of the angle in which I was sitting, it was actually a bit straining having to lean the way I was, while my classmate was filling the hole with wet sand. I also had to wait for her to go back to the shore and get more wet sand. This was a little problematic considering that the way I was leaning was a bit painful, and on top of that I really didn’t want to move my hand at all, because I didn’t want the plaster casting to be compromised. So in the name of art, I withstood the strain, and was able to last to the point that I could finally take it out of the sand. This part of the process was a bit tricky in terms of not messing up the cast that I was trying to make while pulling out my hand. I took my time taking out my hand, and making sure I didn’t move my hand much. Once I was able to take out my hand I prepared the plaster by mixing the powder with some water. As I stirred the water and powder, I once again asked a classmate to help me pour it into the opening of my cast. By this point of the process I thought that everything seemed to be going well and it was successfully coming together, and I just had to wait for the end result.


After the half hour of relaxing and waiting for the plaster to set, I was finally able to see how well the cast came out to be. During this part of uncovering the casting, I was very careful to make sure where each part of the casting ended so that I wouldn’t break off a finger or something. Once again I realized the technical problem of making a deep hole was also that pulling out the casting took a while because I had to dig out all the sand that was covering the plaster. This part I believe took most of my time considering I had to make sure I didn’t break parts of it. But after a long time of digging and brushing out sand, I was able to carefully take out the casting. At this point, I took a brush and started brushing off the extra sand which revealed the individual fingers. It was interesting because it came out with this odd circle part at the bottom of the hand which I thought made it interesting to look at. I realized later that I think if the gap between the palm and the circle were to be filled it would have possibly formed the wrist. Although that could have been a possibility, I think that the way it came out was pretty cool, and my fingers I think came out pretty well without any pieces missing. The final steps of the process were to finish brushing off all the sand that was left, and cleaning up everything. Overall, I felt that the casting came out pretty good, and that I img_7367did pretty well on following the steps. Now that I see how I was able to form my fingers pretty well I feel that for next time I will do a peace sign or another type of hand gesture. I think with a different hand gesture it would make the casting look even more unique and intricate considering that I would have to make sure that the details of the fingers stay as precise as this one. I also decided that next time I will try to use wet sand that has more shells so that the casting could come out with various beautiful shells. Also for the next time that I do this in the future I think I will try to not make such a deep hole like I did, but only make it slightly less deep. This is because I believe with the depth and all the wet sand I was able to capture the outlines of the fingers pretty well. This art experience is honestly one for the books because of how unique the process and final product was.




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