Wk1 – Classmate Conversation – Vicky Bui

img_7371In class on Wednesday, I met Vicky Bui who had been sitting right in front of me in class. I know like many people in the class we were shy about who to talk to for our conversation, whether it be the people next to us, the person in front of us, or the person behind us. Luckily in the end we both decided to talk to each other. The first thing we started to talk about was the bag I used for school which featured one of my favorite anime. It was awesome knowing that she also liked to watch anime, and asked if it was actually a good show considering many of her friends have been recommending it to her. After talking about anime for a while, I had asked her what her major was and she was a sociology major, and I told her how I was a psychology major. I thought this was pretty interesting considering that sociology and psychology are not too far apart, because we are both trying to better understand people. I also found out that she is a freshman and she is currently 18 years old. I let her know that I was a senior and that this was actually my last semester and that I was 21 years old.

This lead to her being very shocked that I was 21 because she thought that we were the same age, and possibly the same year. Personally I found this as a compliment because that made me feel younger. As we continued our conversation, I asked her if she was from Long Beach, but she was actually from Santa Ana. It isn’t too far from Long Beach, but I wanted to know whether she likedthe CSULB campus. She thought the campus was really nice, and that she liked it better than CSU Fullerton. Apparently many of her friends had been planning on going to Fullerton, but she decided to go to CSULB instead. It was funny because now that she is at CSULB, she actually talks to her friends at Fullerton, and they tell her they regret going there. So apparently her choice going to CSULB was a good one, and I obviously agree. We continued our wonderful conversation and talked about our boyfriends and what they do, and we also had talked about how awesome DAISO was! I wasn’t sure if she knew what DAISO was at first since some don’t know about this amazing store, but luckily she did! Apparently like many people, such as myself, she loves going there because they have such cute stuff and for amazing prices!! By the end of class time we both took a lovely photo together and were happy to have met each other. She was very nice, and very easy to talk to, which made the classmate conversation experience that much more fun!




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