Wk5 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


For this week’s art experience, I was tasked to try automatic drawing for the first time. This was interesting considering that I had never done something like this before especially with such big paper or oil crayons. Before we actually did the drawing, the process of setting up the challenge was actually a bit of a struggle considering we couldn’t find a good flat surface until we ended up with the top of a plastic storage container. My boyfriend and I also realized that because he was taller than me the act of sitting together with our knees touching was actually a bit painful for me. I wanted to make the experience work like it did in the instructions so that it would seem as relaxing as possible. We were finally able to at least get into a position to where I could have a little less pain of having our knees touch. I also realized that his hands were big so holding the pastel itself because of its small size was a bit challenging. After my boyfriend was able to let go of his laughs, we were finally able to take some deep breaths and begin. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had never done it, but I just kept reminding my boyfriend to relax with me while we did this. It was actually pretty calming doing it after a while, and I could tell my boyfriend was starting to get the hang of it.

It was nice just following where the pastel would go although it felt like at time I wasn’t even putting so much pressure against the paper. At some point I kept feeling like it was just my hands that were grazing the paper, and not the actual pastel so I had to look at it at times to make sure it was actually making lines on the paper. I wasn’t sure on how long to do it for, so we just kept continuing until at some point our crayon actually broke in half. This was a bit of a challenge because I actually didn’t want to stop doing the drawing. In reality my idea of the project was to do it without stopping or interrupting the flow. So when the crayon broke I told my boyfriend to keep going and would still try to make it work with the pastel being a bit uneasy in our hands. In my head I imagined that we were supposed to do the drawing without interruption and I made sure it didn’t happen. After a while however, I realized that my plan didn’t work so well and we ended up stopping.

After stopping and looking at what we had done, I thought it was cool how we had simply just stayed in mostly circles and swirls. In terms of the overall results of the drawing, I thought it seemed a little simple, but I think the fact that I did it with my boyfriend made it something fun to look at. From the dark lines to the light lines, you can see where we started to lose a bit of control in terms of the lines actually being formed on the paper. The light end point is actually clear to see in the drawing. The next time that I want to do something like this, I will not want to try to do it without interruption. I think it was a bit distracting trying to just not stop what I was doing especially when the crayon broke. I alsoimg_7818 realized after my boyfriend had left and looking at it for a bit that I wish I would have also decided to do it with more than one color. For my first time, I just wanted to try one way first, and try a different way later on. Now I know that for the next time I will be doing different colors. I also would technically want to try to do it for a lot longer than we originally did. The fact that the crayon broke, having our knees touch hurt me, and the surface that we chose was not exactly what we wanted in terms of a flat surface, I know that I would make a lot of changes to the next time I do something like this. I also found it interesting how we didn’t seem to go to far from center, but seemed to just stay around the same area. Overall, the experience was interesting and fun, and I hope to do it again for longer and with more colors.




Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Joshua Thomen


Artist: Joshua Thomen

Exhibition: Still Here

Media: Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @voyezmessouvenirs

Joshua Thomen is a CSULB undergraduate who is working toward his BA in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. Joshua is not from Long Beach, but the Pasadena area. He had discussed that as a child he had enjoyed watching cartoons, anime, and loved anything that was cute. These interests and what brought him joy is also reflected in his work. The ideas that his work explores is the ideas of feeling trapped, taking a political perspective on the feeling of being trapped, innocence, and the topic of queerness.

Formal Analysis: In terms of the formal qualities of the work, each cement piece looks almost identical. Each of them are the same size, and are the same color. From the front each cinderblock features a unique figurine. From the back however,img_7788 the figurine is not visible. Each of the blocks of cement are straight and have the same lines. In each piece, what stands out is the figurine that is trapped within each piece. These pieces varied from different colors ranging from black to pink, and were different sizes. Some were almost as big as the cinderblock that they were trapped in, and others were smaller. There was only one piece of cement that featured two figurines, but they were identical pieces. The pieces were also distinct in what they actually were. The figurines were bunnies, cats, dogs, a chipmunk and a clown. In reference to the art piece as a whole, the rhythm seems to be the same in terms of the repetition of each figurine being trapped. However, although that may be the case, I realized that some of the figurines were not centered. Some of the figurines were near the edge of cement instead of the center. The figurines in each piece were also either perfect in the middle and straight or a bit slanted or to the side. It is also important to note that the way the pieces were positioned was in a s-shaped form. In terms of texture, the figurines seemed to be made of porcelain, making the texture look smooth. The texture of the cement appeared to be rough and bumpy, the complete opposite of the texture of the figurines. This exhibit also features the sound of wind chimes playing in the background providing a soft and peaceful feel to the overall piece. The lighting was also soften by the thin fabric that was covering the source of light.

Content Analysis: In terms of what was on Thomen’s mind in creating the piece, he wanted to make a big emphasis on the feeling of entrapment. His ideas surrounding this piece focused on the political aspect of America at the moment. In terms of the context of politics, the cement seems to represent the struggle of how politics seems to strain a person. Thomen wanted to put into a physical form the img_7785feeling he and others in America feel with how the presidency turned out to be. He took the innocence of the figurines with the cement to show that even within America right now we feel very weak and frustrated knowing how trapped we feel. His ideas also wanted to capture masculinity and femininity. This is shown in the way that typically figurines, such as the ones he used, are figurines that your grandmother would have in her house. This then gives the representation of femininity. In terms of the cement blocks, they on the other hand are tough and rough, which then represents masculinity. The idea trying to be demonstrated here is the balance between masculinity and femininity. The way that Thomen positioned the blocks was also trying to press the idea of a type of wall. This wall reference is in connection to the constant talk of the wall during the Trump presidency. In terms of the lighting and the sounds, Thomen wanted to provide a domestic feel with the wind chimes and a dreamy affect with the low lighting in the room.

My Experience: After viewing the exhibit by Joshua Thomen, I realized how much of an effect it had on me. When I first entered and read the description and took in the exhibit as whole with the sculptures, the lighting, and the music, it ultimately made me shed tears. To me the artist’s ideas were exactly the feelings and emotions that I am currently feeling in this political climate. As I took in the message and looked at the innocent porcelain figurines, it hit me personally and I fully understood what he was trying to express. As he was speaking about the exhibit and experiencing the exhibit, I knew that the way I felt everyday with how politics are going in America is how he felt as well. The way that we feel so weak, frustrated and ultimately trapped because we don’t know what to do or what we can do. His perspective on America right now is how I feel as well, and I feel that his exhibit clearly demonstrates that with just subtle sculptures which express so many feelings.


Wk4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


For this weeks art experience, I created a Art Care package for my 22 year old boyfriend Alejandro in Long Beach. I thought it would be great to make something for him since I could add various items in there that can have a connection to something in my life, his life, and possibly our interests. The experience of creating my Art Care Package was rather weird considering that I was looking for different pieces to go into my package. I realize that while I was putting it together that I tend to keep a lot of random and now useless things. For example, ticket stubs, receipts, movie tickets, clothing tags, business cards, buttons, stickers, etc. Considering that I have these types of items I found it rather easy and fun to choose what to put into this package. I wanted the theme to reflect not only on art, but also on a love/relationship theme. When I made the package, the items that I included were a raffle ticket, a pin, clothing tag, a toy tag, Lucha Libre advertisement, ballot stub, Spiderman card, random sketch from one of my notebooks, postcard about an artist’s work, MOLAA museum, and two other sketches that I did. The raffle ticket is no longer valid, and was used to try to win a raffle at a comic convention. I feel that it represents a moment in time, and now is just a memory of what could have been. The pin is also from the convention and is from a radio station that he and I happen to listen to a lot when we are together. The clothing tag that I included in the package also represents our relationship as well.

It represents not only our relationship, but also shows this artistic part of this clothing line that I love. The clothing line is one of my favorites, and they take the time to make their tag unique with their brand name. This brand is one of my favorites and has also become one of my boyfriends favorites as well. The toy tag that I placed in the package that says comic con on it was from a plush that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas two years ago. It used to hang on the ear of the plush, but itimg_7747 fell off. Oddly, I decided to keep it and now is a representation of a time in our relationship. The Lucha Libre advertisement was a poster of a Lucha Libre match I went to on my trip to Mexico. I thought it would fit with the package considering it was a moment that I clearly remember and that I shared with him while he was still in the United States. The ballot stub is a representation of the cultural events that are going on at the moment. It’s a reminder of how our society is today and the day that everything changed for our government and American society. The Spiderman card I threw in there because I know that it is one of his favorite characters, and yet it is random because it came out of a kids meal from Carl’s Jr from years back. One of my sketches I put in the package as just a random piece of my artwork for him. The postcard is just a type of art that was being shown at a comic convention and thought it would be something that he would like. The MOLAA museum membership brochure is just of a museum that I enjoyed visiting and would one day like to take him there. And the last two things that I put in my art care package were two sketches that I did of one of his favorite characters of Overwatch. I thought it was the perfect combination of our love, our interests and art at the same time. We both love the game, and enjoy playing it together, and yet I can be artistic doing it.

In terms of sending an ACP in comparison to a Snapchat, it is actually different and a little similar. It is similar in the sense that when you are trying to post something on Snapchat it is in the moment and at some point will be part of the past. The journey of not only posting the live videos or photos, but searching through the photos of your img_7748camera roll to post is also like looking for things to put in the art care package. In that sense they are similar in the experience of what to put in the art care package or Snapchat. The difference is that I feel it is more a journey to find items for the package because they can be various materials like sketches, brochures, tags, cards, or buttons. In comparison to Snapchat where it is limited to videos and photos. While making this care package, I did learn what ephemera was and honestly after completing the package I feel that it is actually precious. At first it may seem like trash because it is no longer useful, but looking at it and remembering where it’s from brings back a memory and transforms it to something precious. In terms of the example of having a parking ticket or bracelet from years ago, I say that once again those little things can bring an important or funny story to grandkids or loved ones which I think is very special.

I think in terms of the question surrounding whether there is a difference for art to be seen by many people or art that is seen by a few like the care package, I think there is a difference. The fact that when the art is in a place such as a museum, many people could be inspired and could lead to more art. I think it also brings about more possibility for their to be a bigger impact because more people are exposed to it. And yet when it comes to art seen by the few it may be better appreciated or understood because only a lucky few are to see it. In terms of time in reference to the care package and Snapchat, I think that time and the effort difference does mean something. Back in the day we didn’t have this type of technology and we weren’t able to communicate with many this fast. This caused us to appreciate the moments that we are able to communicate with another person. And now with this new technology I think sometimes we take this communication for granted. I think their should be an in between of fast and slow. If it is too fast then we tend to overlook it, and when it too slow we tend to be restrained. For the final question concerning whether their is a possibility of containing a love different from Snapchat, I think in that sense the art care package has a big advantage. This is because in connection to the theme of my art care package I think that making this package that is just for him shows a stronger love then just sending a video or a photo through Snapchat. He sees me pretty often so the video and photo would just be a moment in time. And yet in terms of the care package it shows various parts and ways of expressing how I feel and providing memories through unique items.



Wk4 – Artist Conversation – Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah Sanchez


Artist: Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah Sanchez

Exhibition: Immaterial

Media: Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West

Instagram: wookieewarrior

Instagram: 3lmski1

Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah Sanchez are both CSULB undergraduates who are working toward their BFA degree in the School of Art’s Drawing and Painting Program. In terms of Robert Nehemiah, he is from Pico Rivera, and loves music and traveling. Elmer Guevara also likes to travel and was born and raised in Los Angeles. Both Guevara and Nehemiah have been drawing since they were both children. They both pursue the idea of showing people and materials that are often ignored, and bringing them into view through their artwork.

Formal Analysis: In terms of one of the many portraits by Nehemiah, each of them have various qualities in terms of material. In terms of media of “Portrait of a Mentor”, it was painted on unprimed wood. img_7666And it was painted with oil paints. Within this portraits you can see the subtle colors used to create the realistic portrait. The shape of the overall portrait is a bit random considering this is a piece of wood. The texture appears to not be smooth because of the wood material. The lines of the background of the painting are mostly straight, unlike the actual portrait itself. The size of the portrait is not too big or small, providing an almost human size portrait of the person as if you were looking at them in front of you. In terms of his other paintings, they were painted on unprimed metal and unprimed cardboard. They also exhibit the same features in terms of the colors that were chosen to portray the realistic portraits. For the paintings that were created by Guevara, his paintings were much larger in terms of scale. Each painting was about the same size and the same square canvas. The colors that he used for his paintings were also a bit subtle, but in certain parts of the paintings you can see some brighter colors, for example the street signs or street lights. It almost provides this motion aspect to his paintings. Guevara’s style of painting however, is different than Nehemiah in the way it moves. In one particular img_7660painting titled “Greg”, it featured many different lines going in different directions, everything around the main person is going in different directions. Their are some parts of the painting that seem randomized together, but this is because he is trying to portray a particular message. This type of style in this painting can also be said about his other paintings as well. Each one seems to have a focus on the person that is in the center. The background or the parts overlapping each person seems to be abstract or out of place. In some of his other paintings there also seem to be random splashes of paint or abstract shapes placed together. In all of his paintings, there is a clear rhythm in terms of the theme of a person in a street environment. The rest of the painting however, does not have the same rhythm because of the way it is done with different strokes.

Content Analysis: In terms of both of the artists, they both wanted to portray in these paintings people and materials that may seem irrelevant or ignored. In terms of Guevara’s vision in his paintings, his main focus is to bring to light the importance and uniqueness of people who are homeless. He is specifically trying to depict homeless people who he sees constantly in the streets of Los Angeles. Because he was born and raised there, he often goes and sees the same people. He drew inspiration from the conversations and mannerisms of these different people. He knew that these people are often ignored and simply fade into the background. In the piece titled “Greg”, his idea while creating the painting was to represent Greg as a person and what makes him unique. In the painting it seems that many things are moving, and Guevara painted it this way to represent how Greg tends to move a lot. His other paintings show almost the same type of patterns with some slight differences. One thing I did notice is that each of his paintings tends to overemphasize a particular sign that shows where these people are usually located. I believe this is done on purpose to refocus the idea of making these people visible and no longer invisible. For Nehemiah’s paintings he tried to make those who were close to him stand out, but also wanted to emphasize the materials used to depict them. This is shown in the unconventional way that he painted their portraits on material such as cardboard, wood and metal. His ideas in these paintings were focused on materialism and the idea that these paintings are not meant to last long. For example, the painting of his grandmother on cardboard, he knows will eventually deteriorate. Nehemiah’s paintings are also meant to depict important people in his life such as his mother, grandmother, his friend, and his mentor.

My Experience: After viewing the exhibit from both Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah Sanchez, I realized how their ideas of making materials and people go from being invisible to visible is pretty relatable to the way I see things. I always tend to be drawn to people who need help or seem invisible. I think that this whole exhibit gives voice to those who don’t, as well as show the possibilities with materials that are at times forgotten. They are able to take something or people that others take for granted and see the beauty in it. My own perspective of the world is that you should always help those who don’t have a voice or those who can’t afford to have a voice. And I think specifically with the men and women who are homeless in Los Angeles they have a hard time having someone voice for them. Guevara takes his skill and gift to draw out a unique way to provide a voice that they need. As for Nehemiah, I believe that the way he focuses on using unconventional canvases I think brings out the idea that even the most simplistic material could bring a person to life. And in my perspective I see the world in appreciating the little things, the little gestures, the little gifts, the things that are typically looked over. When I viewed these portraits, it personally warmed my heart to see such a unique way of bringing out one main idea in two different ways. Overall, both artists really resonated with me because they were able to take their talents to provide a great and beautiful way of conveying an important message.


Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Megan Macuen

img_7542Artist: Megan Macuen

Exhibition: Untitled

Media: Mixed-media, Fiber

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East

Megan Macuen is a CSULB graduate student who is working toward her MFA degree in the School of Art’s Fiber Program. She had previously been doing her own art for 10 years. Before pursuing her Master of the Fine Arts degree, however, Macuen had pursued her undergraduate degree in Wilderness Therapy. One of her passions and interests is nature and the wilderness, and had used her undergraduate degree by working in wilderness programs for students with behavioral problems, the elderly, and those with disabilities. Although her interests were focused on nature, she had always had a passion for art, and was drawn by patterns and fashion. Although she does not produce art involved in fashion, it did cause her to pursue her art full time by pursuing her MFA degree.

Formal Analysis: In terms of the formal qualities of the various pieces of art, each piece features it’s own unique qualities. One of the first pieces that I looked at in Macuen’s art exhibit features yarn, wood, and pieces of metal. The different lines of img_7543the piece is appealing due to each of the different materials such as the yarn, metal, and small pieces going in different directions. The small pieces of wood that are attached by string in the middle are not going in the same direction, but are freely suspended in air. Although each piece is attached to each other, they are not tight, causing them to be lopsided. The lower rows of wood pieces are also attached by string, but are either short or longer wood pieces. One row in particular is not stringed together the same way, but is left dangling. The metal pieces seem to be placed in odd angles, but sticking out of the piece. The yarn that seemed to be attached near the exiting of the metal pieces are also dangling as well. The shapes of the piece are various and so is the rhythm of the piece. The rhythm of the piece various considering that many of the materials seem to be going in thier own direction and angles. The colors of this piece are around the same color, either tan, brown, an off white and a regular white.

These color schemes also seem to be in the other two pieces in Macuen’s art exhibit as well. The other two pieces are bigger in scale compared to the first one. The one with the  small cats and dogs on it, had a different shape then the one with the various strings and wood pieces. In this piece it had different materials such as ceramic dogs and cats at the bottom of a table. There was also a lot more string used, img_7545but in a way to restrain the top part of a piece of wood from coming down. Also I noticed that in this piece there was a pink color on the piece, which made it stand out from the rest of it. There was also these square shaped sandbag pieces that made it appear as if it was holding the top part of the art piece. The rhythm of the piece is more structured than the past one with the strings having more alignment with each other. And the last piece almost seems to be in mid motion which is due to the balls at the bottom of the big pieces of wood. The piece featured a thin pole of wood, string or yarn, and some type of cloth. The lines and shape of this piece are different in the sense that only two out of three of the stands is leaning, but the last one is not. The colors are mostly a tan color with no white or brown incorporated in it. The shape of the overall piece is almost identical in terms of the wood square and the poles, and yet the two cloths differ at how much they touch the ground. The piece has various textures from the cloth material, the yarn, and the hard wood. Overall, all these pieces incorporated various materials in different and yet similar ways.

Content Analysis: In terms of what these pieces are about, I would say that their meaning is wide ranging. I say this because I spoke to the artist about the meaning behind creating these pieces and she herself didn’t really know what they were about. She stated that when she creates these pieces she starts off doing one part of it, and it follows where it leads. I found this interesting because typically you see artists with a specific idea in their head before creating it. But in her case, it seems that these pieces reflect how she feels the art is guiding her. Macuen’s thought process for her art is mainly on how her hands are continuously creating the pieces, from the yarn to the various wood pieces. I believe that the ideas that she is trying to explore is the freelancing creation of art and seeing the final product and having it free for interpretation. I believe this because of the statement of how she does not name her pieces. She stated that she was “scared of words” and prefers to not name them. I believe that she honestly creates art because of the joy she has from it and doesn’t specifically think of something such as politics or morals, but ultimately the questions that rise from seeing particular art and the ideas it sprouts.

My Experience: After viewing the different art pieces, personally I believe it means to me the same as it means to Macuen. She sees her art as something that is just continuously being made and she just flows with the rhythm of the creation. When the pieces are seen, they stand out in the sense that it makes you ponder on what the message is. And for me when I see it I can tell that part of the art is the process of how it was made. The way that Macuen makes her art I admire because she seems so free and liberated in the way she creates it. Her way of making art is how I love to do art by just going with the flow of the creative process. Her art resonates with me because I realize that without the restraint of having a particular idea or a message she is able to freely see what her mind and heart wants to make. I think this can also be applied to how I attempt to live my life the same way she makes art. Her art and the process of making art is free spirited and I feel that I am also free spirited in how I carry myself. When I am in the process of drawing or painting something, sometimes I have an idea in my head on what I want to do or what I want it to say. But sometimes the art I draw just comes from a feeling of drawing various lines and shapes and seeing where they take me.



Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Jacob Siciliano


For my classmate conversation this week, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Jacob. During our gallery visit, he was at the same booth that my friend and I were in and I decided why not strike a conversation with him considering we were all going into the gallery after talking to the artist to take a closer look at the work. When we went in there I introduced myself and asked if he would mind doing the classmate conversation with me. He agreed and our awesome conversation started from there. I asked him what year he was and he told me that he was a freshman. He looked pretty young so I assumed he was a freshman before I asked. I also wanted to know what he was majoring in and he said that he was majoring in film. I thought that was so awesome and I asked him what he wanted to do specifically with a degree in film and he stated that he wanted to do screenwriting. After asking him about his major and what he wanted to do with that degree, I decided to ask him where he sees himself in five years.

He gave me a unique answer by talking about being part of film making and Ecopark in Los Angeles. I told him that I admired him for having a specific and high goal like that considering some people usually say to have a stable job or have a home like I’ve said. I also found out that he isn’t from Long Beach, but is from Lancaster, CA. It was actually pretty funny because when we started to talk about how he was from Lancaster he immediately made it clear I shouldn’t visit because it was boring, and I was right in assuming it was because it was a small town and basically mostly desert. As our conversation continued he told me that he actually wanted to go to USC, but ended up deciding to CSULB because he thought it would be to hard to get into USC. But we also talked about how he could always transfer from CSULB and go to either USC or his second choice UCLA. After talking about school, we started talking about his camera that he had on him and also about his wonder woman keychain. I had told him that I had the same keychain and that it was really hard finding the one you want. He actually told me that his was in a box in comparison to mine coming from a little bag. This started up a whole new conversation on Marvel and DC and his favorite characters. I loved this considering this is the type of stuff that I enjoy talking about. He actually revealed to me that out of all the Jokers in the Batman movies, his favorite was from the 1989 Batman movie which I thought was different than what people usually choose. We just continued this interesting conversation by talking about more superhero movies which I thought was so cool and fun. We had to end our conversation temporarily for a bit until after class, but overall Jacob was a really cool and outgoing guy and I’m happy I had the pleasure of meeting him.

Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse


For this week’s art experience, I decided to actually switch the original idea I had in class to something that I feel I could demonstrate with more props. The story behind these photos, is focusing on the idea that as a student I am usually faced with the stress of having to study. I realize that after many years in school, there has always been a fear that sometimes studying becomes a bit excessive and also overwhelming. Even my parents watching me study is painful for them, causing stress because I’m stressed. So in the process of reinventing my idea I decided the reality is I pictured myself dying from the overwhelming stress that is caused from having to study and do work for different classes. The pictures and story take place in a scenario faced with a lot of stress because of school. I started with having an essay due which seemed like an assignment with some difficulty to accomplish. With just the essay, it wasn’t to difficult, but then I was assigned a few assignments for homework. At this point once again the stress level is getting gradually higher as these assignments start piling up. At this moment, I try to think if I had anymore things to do besides this essay and the assignments. To my horror, I realize that I have two tests that same week that this essay and assignments are due. This story of a stressful week is what leads to my death. The fact that each day I had to utilize my time to focus on school takes a toll on me mentally and physically. As each day comes closer to the due date, I start to become more stressed, more drained, and overall deteriorating. These photos reflect the day before the due date trying to get eIMG_7490.JPGverything done.

At this point, it was obvious that the choice I made to lead to this point is the fact that I did not try to take breaks, I barely ate, I didn’t get enough sleep and it was all catching up to me. On top of all that was the stress and anxiety that was consuming me. Eventually all of this causes my death in the middle of the process of trying to accomplish everything by the due date. The idea and story behind my death is what led to the way the pictures were taken. I decided to use my laptop as a prop demonstrating that I was working on an essay. Then I put one of my notebooks to show I was writing for one of my assignments.

I also decided to put various random assignments from school to demonstrate the overwhelming amount of work I felt I was being consumed by. In this picture, I have also been dead for at least a few minutes because my computer has gone to it’s screensaver. I’m laying on my bed in these pictures because most of my studying is usually done on my bed in my room. I also decided to do it at night img_7494because for my story I was cramming most of my work the night before because it was still too much to accomplish over the other days. I got a lot of papers and decided to put them all around my bed to show all my work, and also had put some on my chair to show how I had so many papers to focus on. To demonstrate the cause of death as well I decided to put my head on a book to show how I had been studying, and yet was still doing something else by having the notebook underneath my hand. I think the experience was pretty fun because it made me do something I wouldn’t normally do which is to honestly try to frame a moment in my own death. It was fun getting everything ready, and how to position it and what angles I should have things seen. I had my boyfriend help me with the project  so that my position was consistent. I really enjoyed the whole experience because it was so different, and at the same time it was weird because it was hard to stay still. The creation of the scene was fun and it was entertaining to do. Overall, the activity I feel was a success and I was able to capture my death at both a close angle, at a far distance and from behind.