Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse


For this week’s art experience, I decided to actually switch the original idea I had in class to something that I feel I could demonstrate with more props. The story behind these photos, is focusing on the idea that as a student I am usually faced with the stress of having to study. I realize that after many years in school, there has always been a fear that sometimes studying becomes a bit excessive and also overwhelming. Even my parents watching me study is painful for them, causing stress because I’m stressed. So in the process of reinventing my idea I decided the reality is I pictured myself dying from the overwhelming stress that is caused from having to study and do work for different classes. The pictures and story take place in a scenario faced with a lot of stress because of school. I started with having an essay due which seemed like an assignment with some difficulty to accomplish. With just the essay, it wasn’t to difficult, but then I was assigned a few assignments for homework. At this point once again the stress level is getting gradually higher as these assignments start piling up. At this moment, I try to think if I had anymore things to do besides this essay and the assignments. To my horror, I realize that I have two tests that same week that this essay and assignments are due. This story of a stressful week is what leads to my death. The fact that each day I had to utilize my time to focus on school takes a toll on me mentally and physically. As each day comes closer to the due date, I start to become more stressed, more drained, and overall deteriorating. These photos reflect the day before the due date trying to get eIMG_7490.JPGverything done.

At this point, it was obvious that the choice I made to lead to this point is the fact that I did not try to take breaks, I barely ate, I didn’t get enough sleep and it was all catching up to me. On top of all that was the stress and anxiety that was consuming me. Eventually all of this causes my death in the middle of the process of trying to accomplish everything by the due date. The idea and story behind my death is what led to the way the pictures were taken. I decided to use my laptop as a prop demonstrating that I was working on an essay. Then I put one of my notebooks to show I was writing for one of my assignments.

I also decided to put various random assignments from school to demonstrate the overwhelming amount of work I felt I was being consumed by. In this picture, I have also been dead for at least a few minutes because my computer has gone to it’s screensaver. I’m laying on my bed in these pictures because most of my studying is usually done on my bed in my room. I also decided to do it at night img_7494because for my story I was cramming most of my work the night before because it was still too much to accomplish over the other days. I got a lot of papers and decided to put them all around my bed to show all my work, and also had put some on my chair to show how I had so many papers to focus on. To demonstrate the cause of death as well I decided to put my head on a book to show how I had been studying, and yet was still doing something else by having the notebook underneath my hand. I think the experience was pretty fun because it made me do something I wouldn’t normally do which is to honestly try to frame a moment in my own death. It was fun getting everything ready, and how to position it and what angles I should have things seen. I had my boyfriend help me with the project  so that my position was consistent. I really enjoyed the whole experience because it was so different, and at the same time it was weird because it was hard to stay still. The creation of the scene was fun and it was entertaining to do. Overall, the activity I feel was a success and I was able to capture my death at both a close angle, at a far distance and from behind.


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