Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Jacob Siciliano


For my classmate conversation this week, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Jacob. During our gallery visit, he was at the same booth that my friend and I were in and I decided why not strike a conversation with him considering we were all going into the gallery after talking to the artist to take a closer look at the work. When we went in there I introduced myself and asked if he would mind doing the classmate conversation with me. He agreed and our awesome conversation started from there. I asked him what year he was and he told me that he was a freshman. He looked pretty young so I assumed he was a freshman before I asked. I also wanted to know what he was majoring in and he said that he was majoring in film. I thought that was so awesome and I asked him what he wanted to do specifically with a degree in film and he stated that he wanted to do screenwriting. After asking him about his major and what he wanted to do with that degree, I decided to ask him where he sees himself in five years.

He gave me a unique answer by talking about being part of film making and Ecopark in Los Angeles. I told him that I admired him for having a specific and high goal like that considering some people usually say to have a stable job or have a home like I’ve said. I also found out that he isn’t from Long Beach, but is from Lancaster, CA. It was actually pretty funny because when we started to talk about how he was from Lancaster he immediately made it clear I shouldn’t visit because it was boring, and I was right in assuming it was because it was a small town and basically mostly desert. As our conversation continued he told me that he actually wanted to go to USC, but ended up deciding to CSULB because he thought it would be to hard to get into USC. But we also talked about how he could always transfer from CSULB and go to either USC or his second choice UCLA. After talking about school, we started talking about his camera that he had on him and also about his wonder woman keychain. I had told him that I had the same keychain and that it was really hard finding the one you want. He actually told me that his was in a box in comparison to mine coming from a little bag. This started up a whole new conversation on Marvel and DC and his favorite characters. I loved this considering this is the type of stuff that I enjoy talking about. He actually revealed to me that out of all the Jokers in the Batman movies, his favorite was from the 1989 Batman movie which I thought was different than what people usually choose. We just continued this interesting conversation by talking about more superhero movies which I thought was so cool and fun. We had to end our conversation temporarily for a bit until after class, but overall Jacob was a really cool and outgoing guy and I’m happy I had the pleasure of meeting him.


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