Wk4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


For this weeks art experience, I created a Art Care package for my 22 year old boyfriend Alejandro in Long Beach. I thought it would be great to make something for him since I could add various items in there that can have a connection to something in my life, his life, and possibly our interests. The experience of creating my Art Care Package was rather weird considering that I was looking for different pieces to go into my package. I realize that while I was putting it together that I tend to keep a lot of random and now useless things. For example, ticket stubs, receipts, movie tickets, clothing tags, business cards, buttons, stickers, etc. Considering that I have these types of items I found it rather easy and fun to choose what to put into this package. I wanted the theme to reflect not only on art, but also on a love/relationship theme. When I made the package, the items that I included were a raffle ticket, a pin, clothing tag, a toy tag, Lucha Libre advertisement, ballot stub, Spiderman card, random sketch from one of my notebooks, postcard about an artist’s work, MOLAA museum, and two other sketches that I did. The raffle ticket is no longer valid, and was used to try to win a raffle at a comic convention. I feel that it represents a moment in time, and now is just a memory of what could have been. The pin is also from the convention and is from a radio station that he and I happen to listen to a lot when we are together. The clothing tag that I included in the package also represents our relationship as well.

It represents not only our relationship, but also shows this artistic part of this clothing line that I love. The clothing line is one of my favorites, and they take the time to make their tag unique with their brand name. This brand is one of my favorites and has also become one of my boyfriends favorites as well. The toy tag that I placed in the package that says comic con on it was from a plush that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas two years ago. It used to hang on the ear of the plush, but itimg_7747 fell off. Oddly, I decided to keep it and now is a representation of a time in our relationship. The Lucha Libre advertisement was a poster of a Lucha Libre match I went to on my trip to Mexico. I thought it would fit with the package considering it was a moment that I clearly remember and that I shared with him while he was still in the United States. The ballot stub is a representation of the cultural events that are going on at the moment. It’s a reminder of how our society is today and the day that everything changed for our government and American society. The Spiderman card I threw in there because I know that it is one of his favorite characters, and yet it is random because it came out of a kids meal from Carl’s Jr from years back. One of my sketches I put in the package as just a random piece of my artwork for him. The postcard is just a type of art that was being shown at a comic convention and thought it would be something that he would like. The MOLAA museum membership brochure is just of a museum that I enjoyed visiting and would one day like to take him there. And the last two things that I put in my art care package were two sketches that I did of one of his favorite characters of Overwatch. I thought it was the perfect combination of our love, our interests and art at the same time. We both love the game, and enjoy playing it together, and yet I can be artistic doing it.

In terms of sending an ACP in comparison to a Snapchat, it is actually different and a little similar. It is similar in the sense that when you are trying to post something on Snapchat it is in the moment and at some point will be part of the past. The journey of not only posting the live videos or photos, but searching through the photos of your img_7748camera roll to post is also like looking for things to put in the art care package. In that sense they are similar in the experience of what to put in the art care package or Snapchat. The difference is that I feel it is more a journey to find items for the package because they can be various materials like sketches, brochures, tags, cards, or buttons. In comparison to Snapchat where it is limited to videos and photos. While making this care package, I did learn what ephemera was and honestly after completing the package I feel that it is actually precious. At first it may seem like trash because it is no longer useful, but looking at it and remembering where it’s from brings back a memory and transforms it to something precious. In terms of the example of having a parking ticket or bracelet from years ago, I say that once again those little things can bring an important or funny story to grandkids or loved ones which I think is very special.

I think in terms of the question surrounding whether there is a difference for art to be seen by many people or art that is seen by a few like the care package, I think there is a difference. The fact that when the art is in a place such as a museum, many people could be inspired and could lead to more art. I think it also brings about more possibility for their to be a bigger impact because more people are exposed to it. And yet when it comes to art seen by the few it may be better appreciated or understood because only a lucky few are to see it. In terms of time in reference to the care package and Snapchat, I think that time and the effort difference does mean something. Back in the day we didn’t have this type of technology and we weren’t able to communicate with many this fast. This caused us to appreciate the moments that we are able to communicate with another person. And now with this new technology I think sometimes we take this communication for granted. I think their should be an in between of fast and slow. If it is too fast then we tend to overlook it, and when it too slow we tend to be restrained. For the final question concerning whether their is a possibility of containing a love different from Snapchat, I think in that sense the art care package has a big advantage. This is because in connection to the theme of my art care package I think that making this package that is just for him shows a stronger love then just sending a video or a photo through Snapchat. He sees me pretty often so the video and photo would just be a moment in time. And yet in terms of the care package it shows various parts and ways of expressing how I feel and providing memories through unique items.




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