Wk5 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


For this week’s art experience, I was tasked to try automatic drawing for the first time. This was interesting considering that I had never done something like this before especially with such big paper or oil crayons. Before we actually did the drawing, the process of setting up the challenge was actually a bit of a struggle considering we couldn’t find a good flat surface until we ended up with the top of a plastic storage container. My boyfriend and I also realized that because he was taller than me the act of sitting together with our knees touching was actually a bit painful for me. I wanted to make the experience work like it did in the instructions so that it would seem as relaxing as possible. We were finally able to at least get into a position to where I could have a little less pain of having our knees touch. I also realized that his hands were big so holding the pastel itself because of its small size was a bit challenging. After my boyfriend was able to let go of his laughs, we were finally able to take some deep breaths and begin. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had never done it, but I just kept reminding my boyfriend to relax with me while we did this. It was actually pretty calming doing it after a while, and I could tell my boyfriend was starting to get the hang of it.

It was nice just following where the pastel would go although it felt like at time I wasn’t even putting so much pressure against the paper. At some point I kept feeling like it was just my hands that were grazing the paper, and not the actual pastel so I had to look at it at times to make sure it was actually making lines on the paper. I wasn’t sure on how long to do it for, so we just kept continuing until at some point our crayon actually broke in half. This was a bit of a challenge because I actually didn’t want to stop doing the drawing. In reality my idea of the project was to do it without stopping or interrupting the flow. So when the crayon broke I told my boyfriend to keep going and would still try to make it work with the pastel being a bit uneasy in our hands. In my head I imagined that we were supposed to do the drawing without interruption and I made sure it didn’t happen. After a while however, I realized that my plan didn’t work so well and we ended up stopping.

After stopping and looking at what we had done, I thought it was cool how we had simply just stayed in mostly circles and swirls. In terms of the overall results of the drawing, I thought it seemed a little simple, but I think the fact that I did it with my boyfriend made it something fun to look at. From the dark lines to the light lines, you can see where we started to lose a bit of control in terms of the lines actually being formed on the paper. The light end point is actually clear to see in the drawing. The next time that I want to do something like this, I will not want to try to do it without interruption. I think it was a bit distracting trying to just not stop what I was doing especially when the crayon broke. I alsoimg_7818 realized after my boyfriend had left and looking at it for a bit that I wish I would have also decided to do it with more than one color. For my first time, I just wanted to try one way first, and try a different way later on. Now I know that for the next time I will be doing different colors. I also would technically want to try to do it for a lot longer than we originally did. The fact that the crayon broke, having our knees touch hurt me, and the surface that we chose was not exactly what we wanted in terms of a flat surface, I know that I would make a lot of changes to the next time I do something like this. I also found it interesting how we didn’t seem to go to far from center, but seemed to just stay around the same area. Overall, the experience was interesting and fun, and I hope to do it again for longer and with more colors.




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