Wk6 – Art Experience – Zines and Flipbooks


For this week’s art activity I decided to make a zine. Personally in my own private time I love to draw, and yet this project was a bit of a challenge. During the beginning of the process of starting my zine, it actually took me a while to come up with an idea or theme for it. I had a artists block for a few days until I decided to look at more examples of zines. Ifullsizerender5 finally decided to make the theme around the original characters that I had made many years ago. Once I got the theme down, the process seemed to be a lot easier for me. I thought it would be nice to make at least two pages dedicated to each character. The title of my zine came about from the theme. I thought well all these characters are from my mind, but all of them are so random and weird.

At that moment I thought of the song from The Pixies title “Where is my mind?” and it just seemed to fit. To fit the title, I decided to draw myself for the cover. From there it was fullsizerender3just deciding which characters to use and what to do with them. The first character that I drew was one of the first original characters I made in high school named Toby. I personally love anything related to werewolves and wanted to create a werewolf character. That’s how the creation of toby came about, and that’s why I added him into this zine. When I was drawing him again, it was so much fun because it had been a while since I drew him and he was the perfect first candidate for my zine.The second original character that I decided to draw for my zine was another curious character I created in my science class in high school. He was just a doodle, but he actually came out to be a character I would continue drawing. He was just a penguin, but then I thought wouldn’t it be funny if he was a penguin in space? And so the creation of Tyler the space penguin came about. He was one of the few adorable characters that I created and fun to draw because of his simplicity.

For his pages, I thought I’d make him do a cute little activity like fishing. The third character I used was one I drew probably once and never thought I would draw him in this, fullsizerender4but it just seemed to fit. He was different from the others, so I thought he would be fun with the designs he already had on his body. I used those designs to theme his pages and it worked out perfectly. Out of all the pages, I think this was one of my favorites to draw. The next character I used was a female character, and I thought it would be a nice way to close out the character pages this way. This character I created by the end of high school, and was actually one that I never truly completed a full drawing of. But for the sake of this project, I thought I would try and it was very enjoyable drawing her again. I actually had never named her until this project, and I decided to name her Esperanza. For this project,  I realized that for each two pages of one character, I had a page of them by themselves, and the other was them speaking and saying who they were. For the ending of my zine, I just thought I would add a few words on how these characters are different and how they relate back to the title of fullsizerender-2the zine. The back of the zine, I just rewrote the title again and made a simple design. Overall, I thought the experience was so fun and enjoyable. It forced me to really try to draw these characters how I wanted them. I didn’t color it for the sake of messing up the original designs. In terms of maybe doing something different next time, I guess the only thing would be to use thicker white paper, so the designs would be slightly seen on the next page. Personally this was one of my favorite art experiences, and would love to do more zines in the future.


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