Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Miguel Cabada


For this week’s classmate conversation I had the pleasure of meeting Miguel Cabada. We started off our conversation talking about our ethnicity. We both realized that we were both Mexican, and asked each other where our parents are from. In comparison to my parents, his parents are from a different part of Mexico. His father his from Sinaloa, and his mother is from Michoacán. When we were talking about Mexico he actually told me that he lived in Mexico for a few years and just got back to the U.S not too long ago. I thought that was so interesting because being in a different culture for a while is a change of pace when you go back to where you were born. I can relate to some degree because I mentioned to him that I had been to Mexico to visit my family not too long ago. Although I didn’t stay for years, that week or two that I stayed really changes you to the different customs and environment you are in. After we finished talking about Mexico, I wanted to know what year and major he was. He told me that he was actually a freshman and that his major at the moment was computer engineering. He mentioned that if computer engineering doesn’t work out, he wanted to go into business.

Because it was his first year I wanted to know how he was liking CSULB so far, and he said that he liked it. He actually lives in Compton, and wanted to come to CSULB and didn’t want to go to CSUDH. Although he likes it at CSULB, he is currently not living in the dorms because they are a bit experience, but he hopes to one day be able to so that he could have the experience. Personally as a senior, I couldn’t really tell him how the experience is because I live pretty close to CSULB, so I never lived in the dorms. After talking about school I wanted to know more about his hobbies and found out that he likes to play soccer specifically indoor soccer. I thought that was pretty unique considering that I’ve never played indoor soccer. Because he played soccer I wanted to know if he had any favorite soccer teams, and his favorites included FC Barcelona and Juventus. He also likes watching Narcos the Netflix show and driving. Although he still practicing driving, he told me if he could drive a particular type of car he would drive a Jeep which I personally don’t hear too often. He also told me that a movie he likes to watch his Cop Out. I told him that I actually thought that movie was pretty funny and was one of my favorites too. Overall, I really enjoyed our conversation and had a fun time meeting Miguel and getting to know him.


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