Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Andrea Mejia


Artist: Andrea Mejia

Exhibition: Ink 18

Media: Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @MacnDrees

Andrea Mejia is a CSULB undergraduate who is working toward her BA in the School of Art’s Printmaking Program. Andrea is from Downey, CA not too far from Long Beach. She is going to be graduating in the Fall of 2017 from CSULB. She wants to get into the comic book industry. Some of her interests include watching anime, drawing and creating digital art, and working on her comic book. Her favorite movie is “Wolf Children” and loves the anime “Attack on Titan”. And the ideas that her work explores revolve around ideas of minors and how their minds work.

Formal Analysis: In terms of the formal qualities of the work the print is silk screened although it looks like it is painted. The silk screen is on square white paper, and has various lines. The crystals in the image have jagged edges to symbolize the crystals behind the character. In terms of color, this work exemplifies the colors blue and bright green. Because of the black background the other colors in the piece stand out. The color blue is used for the character’s shirt, hair, goggles, and hair. Meija also used blue for the shadows on the clothing and on the character’s face. One color that also stands out in the piece is the red/pink in the goggles. In terms of the scale it is a normal size print although the artwork itself only takes some of the space of the paper. The texture I believe appeared smooth due to it being paper for silk screen. In terms of the overall image, it appears a bit jagged in terms of the crystals, but has smooth lines in terms of the character in the artwork.

Content Analysis: In terms of the ideas behind this artwork. It comes back to the ideas of the developing comic by Meija. The name of the piece is called “Infinite Cities”, and focuses on a world in a developing comic book about minors and crystals. In my conversation with the artist, she described the core synopsis of the overall comic book focusing on minors supporting each other when they realize that they are actually slaves. It also focuses on the concept that these minors in the story have to give up things they have for these mysterious crystals that they encounter. This art piece is not meant to have a political message, but just focuses on the creativity of a comic book in development. The character that is in the piece of art is called “Alex” or “Alexander” and he plays a role in the comic

Synthesis/ My Experience: In terms of this piece, I feel that the ideas of this piece resonate with me because of it being part of a developing comic book. I am very drawn to comic books or anything related to them beyond the scope of the superhero theme. And to see this piece of work relates back to how I wanted to make a comic book one day. Personally, I could relate a lot to not only the piece of art, but the artist herself and how her inspiration to create a unique world and story relates back to my life and ideas. In terms of the story behind the art, I feel like it is something that resonates to my perspective on how minors at times don’t know what they have and are not grateful. And I believe that this story can easily demonstrate that because they have to learn to give up things they are attached too. This action of giving up on something would possibly lead them to continue living and to fight for their freedom. Although this reality might not be real in reality, when times are tough a situation of giving up can come up in a minors life.






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