Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Danielle Banuelos


For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle. When we started our conversation she let me know that she was actually a fifth year at CSULB. It actually caught me by surprise because it’s rare to find someone who is there longer than a fourth year. She told me that she was going to walk in the spring and graduate this fall. I thought that she was actually in her fifth year because she wanted to continue studying in her major of Health Science. Sadly however, I found out that the reason she was going to graduate in her fifth year instead of her fourth year was because during one of her semesters her brother passed away. This sudden loss of a family member took a strong toll on her which affected her schoolwork. I couldn’t believe she had to go through something like that, but I was happy that she was able to push through and is now able to graduate soon.

As we continued our conversation I found out that she also has a minor in child development which goes along with her current job. She works as a teacher aide for a kindergarten class in a school in Monrovia. After talking about school and her work, I wanted to know what she enjoyed to do in her spare time and she told me she liked staying at home and watching movies and Netflix. I was curious to know what her favorite movie was and it was The Sandlot, which is also one of my favorites as well. She also mentioned that she loves the movie Lilo and Stitch. I told her that my boyfriend also enjoys that movie and does a good imitation of Stitch. Another hobby that she likes is traveling. She told me that she has been to Seattle, Vancover, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Reno. And she hopes to travel to Chicago or New Orleans soon. Danielle was very nice and outgoing, and I’m glad I got to meet and get to know her.


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