Wk8 – Art Experience – Finger painting


For this art experience, I got to do a fun activity of finger painting. When I first heard we had to do this activity I was a bit curious on how it would turn out considering it is abstract. I actually did more than three colors for this project, this included purple, this teal turquoise color, metallic blue and metallic purple. My dad and I like to paint things in our spare time so I decided to use some metallic paints that we have. I was hoping that it would make the painting look different. The experience was very fun and enjoyable. In all honesty I felt like I was in kindergarten playing with paint again. At first I only used some drops of paint, but really to really get to feel the paint all over I continuously kept putting paint on the paper and it made me more excited. I actually wanted to put almost all the IMG_8081paint, but I know it would have been crazy messy. But in the end I did use more paint than I expected, and was happy that I did. The paint felt so weird at first, but at the same time it felt nice. The feeling of the paint on my fingers felt relaxing and fun. I just kept moving my fingers everywhere and trying to mix the colors while not combining them too much, but overall the experience was so uplifting. I loved the experience and I loved the colors I chose because it left a sparkly finish and it involved some of my favorite colors making the experience very enjoyable.

In the end the experience was a bit hard and different than I expected. It was a bit hard because when I would put more paint, then the paint would just become layered when I just wanted different lines of paint. So to try to get all the colors visible I would put different colors on top of others so they wouldn’t be too mixed up and so certain colors would pop out. It was also different because I didn’t think it was going to be that fun, but it was and I actually didn’t want to stop painting. In terms of making a painting that had no subject I found it liberating and inspiring instead of confusing and frustrating. The reason behind this is because with this no subject painting you are free to do as you wish with no IMG_8083limitation. For a painting with a subject you are confined and are expected to have it look like the subject you are trying to paint. I feel at those times with a painting with a subject it can be a bit frustrating when it isn’t coming out the way you want. Comparing this painting to other paintings I have seen, I mean it’s kind of hard to compare them because this seems to be a painting with no real idea in mind. The only painting I could think of would be those of Jackson Pollock because his seem to be so random. The crazy part of his were that he splashed painted and his paintbrush with paint and it would make all these colors on the canvas. He might have had a particular idea in mind considering most of his paintings look the same. This finger painting was even more random than Pollock’s or most paintings out in the art world. And I think it came out pretty cool, and the end it was fun to create.



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