Wk9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing


For this art experience I got to do something I never thought I would get the chance to do which is Graffiti Writing. This experience was very different for me because I never tried spray painting anything in general. I bought both of my spray paints from Home Depot, and tried to draw out a hand drawn sketch of what I wanted to do. For the cardboard I was able to ask my boyfriend to bring me a cardboard box from work. I ended up opening it up flat and took only a part of it to use. I felt that if I used most of it, it would be end up looking weird because it wasn’t just a flat cardboard with no gaps in it. So I decided only to use one part of the cardboard.

To actually start spray painting I took the cardboard outside and decided to practice FullSizeRender2spraying a heart or something and it kind of worked. At that moment I went to get the bigger piece of cardboard from the box and I went outside and made sure the wind was not blowing in my direction. The two colors that I was going to use for my project were black and turquoise. The only problem that I was thinking about before I started was that the cardboard piece was going to be too small for what I wanted to do. When I actually started writing the letters I realized that the B I made was a bit big and I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit the other letters on the cardboard so I tried my best.

In the end the experience was interesting because it was actually harder making my letters than I thought. I kept going over each one over and over again because I messed up on the lines and how I wanted to do it. And I ended up trying again on a smaller piece of cardboard to write my name. Although the pieces didn’t come out the way I wanted, I at least know to get a bigger piece for the next time. I think I underestimated the size of the cardboard and that’s why the first letter I sprayed messed up the rest of my idea because I lost track of the outline of the letters a bit and the layers of paint would blend with the previous layer at times as well. This experience honestly made me realize that the art and skill of graffiti writing is honestly a real talent because you really have to know what your planning to do, and for me I know to get better I would have to keep practicing and have more room to do what I want. Overall, I loved the experience and it had me doing something outside of what I would normally do in terms of an art project. I hope to one day do it again and have more colors and a bigger space to experiment.


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