Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Carmina Correa


Artist: Carmina Correa


Media: Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Carmina Correa is a CSULB undergraduate student who is working toward her BFA in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. Some of her interests include professionally playing video games such as Overwatch and Player Unknown Underground. Some of the ideas that her work explores is the focus on the relationship between sugar and diabetes, and the way it effects our bodies and our health.

Formal Analysis: In terms of the formal qualities of the exhibit, there were various materials used such as real food and candy such as ramen and lollipops. There was also a sculpture piece possibly made out of clay in the IMG_8485middle of exhibit.  The lollipops that were spread throughout the exhibit had a blood glucose strip inside each of them. There was also another set of lollipops at the beginning of the exhibit that had each single lollipop featuring a letter or number that is part of the chemical name for sugar. In terms of the lines in this piece, there isn’t really clear lines in this piece. It features more shapes like the similar lollipop shapes and the odd shaped stone sculptures in the middle of the exhibit. In terms of the colors in the exhibit it featured mostly red from the lollipops and in the middle features grey and a bright green. In terms of the rhythm of the piece it has a constant rhythm in terms of the lollipops because of the way they are equally spread around the room in their own stand with the same color and strip inside. In terms of the scale, the materials within the exhibit were small in scale, both the ramen and the lollipops. But the sculptures in the middle on the other hand were a medium size. The texture throughout the piece looked smooth except for the piece in the middle that looked powdery.

Content Analysis: In terms of the ideas behind this exhibit, it focuses on the harsh consequences of sugar on the human body. In my conversation with Correa she IMG_8488discussed that she herself was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, so her relationship with sugar is complicated. She wanted to demonstrate through each of the strips within each lollipop how many times she needed to check her blood glucose level throughout the semester which is symbolized within each lollipop which is the color red. In this exhibit, the color red is a symbol of blood and passion. The symbolism of blood relates back to the way it effects not only her, but others who have diabetes. In terms of the ramen in the exhibit, Correa wanted to continue demonstrating another food that is also harmful to our health which is ramen. She discussed that as college students we tend to eat foods that are cheap and easy to make, and at times these types of food are not always the healthiest choices. In terms of the mysterious sculpture in the middle of the exhibit, she discussed IMG_8490with me that one of the sculptures is a mold of the other sculpture which is supposed to symbolize her body. One of the sculptures is seen as a whole and the other seems broken apart and powdery  which is a symbol as to how her body feels on the inside. She also discussed that the color green of that broken down sculpture is a symbol of the digital and of life. Overall, Correa wanted to emphasize to those who see her exhibit to take or see it however they want because each persons relationship or understanding of diabetes is different.

Synthesis/My Experience: In terms of the overall exhibit and how it resonated with me, I feel that I have a better understanding of the problems that those who have Diabetes have with sugar. I think as someone who does not have Diabetes, I might have taken for granted how easily I can consume what I please without any dire or immediate consequences. On the other hand, those who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes aren’t so lucky, and eventually have a positive and negative relationship with sugar. They may love sugary foods, but they know that in the end it will effect their body and their health. It also resonated with my life because when I was younger I would always see how often my aunt had to test her blood, and I would help her. But I never realized till now how impactful the relationship with Diabetes is when it comes to sugar, and how it can really impact a person’s life.


Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Jackie Magana


For this week’s classmate conversation I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie. This conversation was actually pretty interesting and fun because of what we talked about while getting to know each other. When we first introduced each other, and I said my name, she gave a surprise reaction. She automatically said “So your Betty!!”. And of course I was thrown off guard because I had never met her before. Apparently she recognized me from Slack because she always replies to my posts. She said she liked reading them because they were always so deep. I was of course flattered because I didn’t think anyone would actually pay attention to what I wrote on Slack. And from that we went off on a wonderful conversation between the two of us. One of the first things she mentioned was that apparently she just came from running after leaving her car at a gasoline station because her car was smoking up on the freeway. I was so surprised that is a pretty crazy story to hear to come to art class. She said that she was running in sandals and with her bun, and couldn’t believe that she made it. As our conversation continued I found out that she was a freshman and her major is film. In her film major, she wants to get into directing and screenwriting. She had also been thinking of getting a minor in Astrology because she loves math and science which I thought was pretty amazing because I personally don’t like math.

I had recommended to her some comparative world literature classes because it was my minor, but apparently she had already taken a Reading the World class. She would look into it after she had heard me talking about the different classes I had taken in that department. I had her some of her hobbies and she liked to do cardio, hanging out with friends, running, and looking at dog pictures. She apparently looks at dog pictures because her dog ran away. I also found out that she lives with her parents in Maywood. Apparently they also have a lot of pets like pigeons and chickens at home which I thought was pretty unique. Jackie had also told me that she had applied to USC, but was not accepted. Although that was the case she has fallen in love with CSULB. One last thing that she did tell me that actually made me sad was that last semester she had been diagnosed with Lupus, and she had been struggling with dealing with it. But luckily she is now better and coping with it and I was happy to hear that. It was such a pleasure talking with her, and she was just so fun and kind, and I was happy I got to meet her this week.


Wk 12 – Art Activity – Ethnography


For this week’s art experience, I kept trying to imagine what it would be like not having any form of electricity. At first I imagined well I could play some music and relax, then I realized oh wait I can’t because it requires electricity. I kept thinking of other ideas and they all went back to the fact that I would be using electricity. When I kept making these realizations, I realized that the experience was going to be interesting and yet difficult. When I was trying to decide what to do on this free night, at first I thought I would read a book near a candle light, but I knew even that would be hard for me because I wouldn’t want to strain my eyes trying to read under the light. So in the end I decided why do anything, but relax on my bed and simply take in the quietness of the night.

At first it was easy because all I had to do was relax, but after a while it started to get harder. The reason for this was because I knew I couldn’t use my phone so I couldn’t text anybody. And also you are so used to checking it when your bored, that it was difficult to not check it when I started to be bored laying in bed. So I tried to take in the night and just appreciate how calm it was and it had helped for a bit, until I realized one thing, I’m a student. This is why it started to become frustrating after a while because I knew there was work I could probably get done, but I knew I could put it off. But I’m typically the student that likes to get a ahead at least a little bit. So I knew that I couldn’t turn on my computer or do my work on my phone. It was possible to probably write down my work on a piece of paper, but my work required the internet so that was out of the question. In a sense, the experience was liberating because of the fact that you seem to be apart from the world and relax, but the time of this wasn’t exactly fitting considering it is almost the end of the semester, so not being able to use my computer or phone was a bit frustrating because I couldn’t do school work. I know that it was only one night, but considering one night could get a lot of work done, for me it was a bit frustrating.

After a few hours of just laying down on my bed, I eventually did fall asleep, and I woke up feeling pretty good the next morning. I’m usually not sleep deprived, I just sleep pretty late probably around 1 or 2 in the morning because I’m usually playing video games. But I’m able to wake up in the morning feeling a bit tired, but I still feel good. Although this is the case I did feel a bit better waking up in the morning because I slept a bit earlier. Honestly if I slept well every night it would probably make me feel better every morning, but I just feel like at night is the only time I could have my time to enjoy myself and do an activity like play video games to get my mind off of school.

I believe that living without electricity is more harmonious with nature because we stray away from the technology that we are so attached to these days and so we go back to appreciating the natural environment around us. I also think that living without electricity is to some degree limited because light is almost essential these days. For example, even if I didn’t want to use any technology , but just wanted to relax and read a book it would be hard to do so without a lamp. I don’t necessarily think that it is boring without electricity, but considering the time we are in you would at least need a light of some kind to do something that will entertain you. I believe that people survived without constant stimulation, but having each other for stimulation. If you don’t know what you are missing out on it won’t affect you as much as knowing what you don’t have. For example, if you live in a area where there is no internet or service, but you have already grown up in that environment it won’t effect you so much not having those services.

Back then they didn’t have any type of tech like we do today, so they would learn to appreciate each other as a people and ideas they all have. Also they would be in nature most of the time and nature in itself is it’s own world that gives constant stimulation and is different and fascinating every day. For me personally my ideal level of life activity and connectivity would be to just be able to use my phone every once and a while and be able to play my music and games. Typically every night or so I like to play video games with my friends and just have a lamp on, so for me I don’t need too much but just enough to keep me entertained either to be able to just watch tv, listen to my record player, or play video games. When I’m outside I wouldn’t always need my phone, but I would just like to know that I have it in case of an emergency. I don’t like to be constantly on my phone all the time, sometimes I just like to appreciate the world around me so for me when I go out I like to enjoy the quality time I’m having with friends while at least know that I could use my phone if I need something.



Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini


Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Man’s Land

Media: Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East

Website: http://www.andreiniart.com/

Alice Andreini is a CSULB graduate student who is working toward her MFA in the School of Art’s Drawing and Painting Program. Some of her interests include hiking, attending galleries, and reading poetry. One of her favorite authors is Virgina Woolf. Some of her ideas that her work explores is focusing and thinking about constructs that we have in the world such as architecture and how they are imposed upon society.

Formal Analysis: In terms of the formal qualities of the exhibit it features mostly canvas pieces with different colored paints on them. The sizes of the canvas however range from a few that were small sizes to some that were very large, almost taking up most of the wall it was hanging on. The lines in each piece varyIMG_8405 but most have lines that make many squares. Some of the lines in the pieces are also either straight or are curved. The shapes that these pieces feature are many squares and circles throughout each unique piece. The square shapes and lines stand out by the darker colors that are used for them. The colors in each piece are very vibrant and colorful. From purples and blues to bright yellows and reds, each piece uses lighter colors in the background, so that the bolder and darker colored lines and shapes stand out in the piece. The rhythm in each piece various because of the way the lines are placed randomly in some, but in other pieces they work together to form what looks like either a landscape or a building structure. In some of the pieces that Andreini has in the exhibit, they appear to be undulating.  Although the pieces feature straight lines and appear like architecture, the lines and shapes move in a wave like motion either to one side or they are curved.

Content Analysis: In terms of the ideas behind this exhibit, it focuses on the constructs that we have in the world. When I was speaking to Andreini, she wanted to make it clear that we tend to live the world seeing architecture such as buildings and other structures as just part of the nature of our world. But in reality, these buildings that we have all around us are artificial and were not always there. Andreini also wanted to capture in her pieces the idea that nature IMG_8406is not just a place, but is featured with various symbols. The pieces represent what it is beneath the structural surface of many places we have in our society. She wants us to question our perception of these structures and to see what is underneath them all or what is imposed by them. The pieces relate back to capitalism in America and also the idealism we have in many of the structures in our surroundings. They tend to hide histories or information that is blocked off through this utopian and aesthetic looking architectural structures. Andreini also wanted to show in her pieces how the buildings and places such as golf courses underneath are typically static or focus on this idea of romanticism. She wanted to ultimately demonstrate that these places depicted in the pieces are constructs whose machinery needs to be uncovered underneath to understand what it is trying to show us on the outside.

Synthesis/My Experience: In terms of the overall exhibit and how it resonated with me, I believe that it helped me gain a new perspective of the world around me. In my personal life I don’t tend to see building structures and golf courses as anything but man made. But in reality these places are constructs that we have made because of society. I believe that her ideas have helped me understand that many of theses constructs are just a cover for something more. Previously I had never imagined that something that seems simple such as a building can bring about ideas such as romanticism, idealism, or utopianism. I think the ideas that she presents provide a new way for me to understand that even buildings can reveal much more than just an aesthetic image.




Wk11 – Artist Conversation – Yujia Gu


Artist: Yujia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the USA

Media: Mixed media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: yujiagu.squarespace.com

Yujia Gu is a CSULB graduate student who is working toward her MFA in the School of Art’s Graphic Design. Yujia is from China and she is a third year at CSULB. Some of Yujia’s interests include shopping, listening to music, and going to various museums. Some of the ideas that her work explores is the focus on having more control of the usage of guns, and the effects of gun violence in terms of the many school shootings in the United States.

Formal Analysis: In terms of the formal qualities of the exhibit, it features materials andIMG_8335 media such as the videos that are projected on the wall and television screens, a LED display, headphones, and a large plastic poster that features various photos of children. In terms of the graphic design media of the exhibit, there is images on the walls of people going across the bottom of the whole exhibit. There is also a large image that features figures of people, guns, and words in black put together in the shape of a gun.  The colors in the exhibit that are shown are black, white and red. The only shapes that are shown in the exhibit are the black and red figures at the bottom, the figures that make up the giant gun on the wall, and the shape of the USA that would appear  on the wall from the projector. On one side of the wall there is also the list of some of the names of the children who lost their lives in some of these shootings. The exhibit also featured videos of the various locations where shootings had occurred, specifically shootings that involved children. Their is rhythm in the piece in the way it is organized neatly and each unique piece of exhibit seems to flow nicely with the main idea of the exhibit. In terms of texture, one texture that stands out is the plastic poster that is hanging in the exhibit.

Content Analysis: In terms of the ideas behind the exhibit, it focuses on the intense reality of mass shootings in the United States. As I spoke with Yujia, she discussed that she focused on shootings involving children because people seem to have a stronger impact on the dangers of guns when it involves children. This is key to understanding the ideas behind the exhibit because Yujia wants to emphasize how dramatic these shootings truly are. She is from China, and when she came here her mother was hearing how international students were being killed. And because of these news stories she was IMG_8347scared for Yujia living in the United States. These conversations with her mother about her safety and the shootings is where Yujia drew inspiration for this exhibit. In the exhibit, there is a feature with various figures across the exhibit from Canada and another line of figures from the United States, and the only one that goes around is the one from the United States. This likely represents how more people are killed in the U.S compared to another country such as Canada. The videos that she displays and the photos of the children also provide the message on how these shootings happen in various spaces with different children whose lives are lost too soon. The LED Display also provides more emphasis back to the idea on how often these shootings occur by providing the date of the most recent shootings and the amount of people that were killed. Yujia also features one of the conversations that her mother had with her in Chinese with a English translation by Yujia herself. Her mother speaks about the dangers she sees in the United States and how she is worried for Yujia. I believe that with this part of the exhibit she demonstrates her idea that gun violence is truly dangerous and abundant to the point that her mother is constantly worried about her. For this exhibit, Yujia wanted to make it clear how many shootings there have actually been in the United States, and how society needs to take in these events and have stronger gun control to reduce the shootings that occur every day.

Synthesis/ My Experience: In terms of the exhibit as a whole and how it resonated with me, I honestly felt that it relates closely to my life because of where I work. I work in a afterschool program with elementary school kids. When I stepped into the exhibit it hit me pretty hard especially the images of the children and the fast paced video of all the locations of the shootings and once again the children. It almost made me cry knowing that these shootings happen at random and that it takes away innocent lives. I saw the children in this exhibit, and it made terrified knowing that it could happen at my school. I wanted to push the idea from my mind, but the scary reality is that many of the locations where these shootings happen which is presented in Yujia’s exhibit do occur in California. I know that these situations do occur because of people possessing guns, and this exhibit goes along with my perspective and opinion that their should be higher gun control to prevent tragedies like this to reoccur on constant basis.




Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Christian Infantes and David Valle



For this week’s classmate conversation I was able to have the pleasure of meeting David and Christian. When we first started talking we asked each other what year we were and to my surprise I was the oldest one there. They were both freshman at CSULB. David is majoring in business and Christian is majoring in film. I found out that David likes business because he feels he could get a good job with that degree. For Christian however, he told me that he had initially tried computer science, but knew it wasn’t for him. In high school, school was pretty easy for him, but not fun. I thought that was pretty interesting to hear considering usually whatever is easy is fun. If either of them were to get a minor, David said that he would try Graphic Design as minor and Christian would try Psychology as a minor. As we continued talking we got into the topic of anime. All of us had that in common that we liked anime. David’s favorite animes were Naruto and One Punch Man. For Christian, he enjoyed animes like Hunter x Hunter. We had an interesting conversation on anime because I realized that the ones I watched weren’t really some of the most popular ones, compared to their favorites. We also talked about the type of genre we liked in anime and how they watched it as kids. We also talked about where we were from, and Christian is from South Bay, and David is from Downey.

Although they both don’t live so far away, David was actually born in Guadalajara, Mexico. He had lived there for eleven years until his dad found a job opportunity here in the United States, and they have been living here since. I thought that was pretty interesting so I asked Christian what his ethnicity was. He was both Colombian and Peruvian, which I thought was pretty awesome because I don’t normally hear that pretty often. We also talked about our favorite foods which David said would include anything with meat. The only exception to that would be seafood because David is seriously allergic to it. He said that if he were to eat it he could potentially die. I thought that was so scary knowing how extreme the allergic reaction is. Christian then shared after hard time deciding because he loved eating food so much, that he enjoyed eating carne asada tacos. I also found out that they both loved Spiderman as kids, saying they would wear the costume or watch the cartoons. I found out that Christian’s favorite movies were Blade Runner and The Shining, and David’s was Civil War. David doesn’t really like watching movies or television so this question was a bit hard to answer. This conversation with the both of them was actually pretty fun, I know that we talked longer than we probably all intended because of how close it was to the end of class time. And considering where we were sitting was pretty hot after a while, it was obvious that we cared more about the conversation we were having than getting burned in the sun. I hope to talk to them again they were really chill and fun to talk too.

Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Amy Duran


Artist: Amy Duran

Media: Mixed Media, Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Amy Duran is a CSULB undergraduate who is working toward her BA in the School of Art’s Ceramics Program. Amy is from Buena Park, CA, and is a senior at CSULB. This exhibition is part of her Senior Thesis. She hopes to pursue a future career in creating props for films. Her interests include creating ceramic pieces and going to Disneyland. Some of the ideas that her work explores is the struggle of sexuality as a woman while trying to maintain her inner child.

Formal Analysis: In terms of the formal qualities of the work, it features many different types of material ranging from pieces of wood, fabric, clay, marbles and IMG_8243some type of cotton. Throughout the piece, the main characters that are shown are made out of clay with many details. Each of the panels in the piece features it’s own scenery which includes pieces of wood for possible walls, spinning turntable for the characters to move, and some type of grass. From an overall perspective, there are various colors of fabric curtains that surround each panel.  In terms of media, there is also some technical features such as the wood mechanisms that were created to make the characters move. There was also a wolf character that features glowing eyes which were due to lights that are inside the eyes. Throughout the exhibition there were various lines due to the different shapes of the characters such as the young woman, the teddy bear, the dogs, cats, and the pieces of clay foods. In terms of the colors of this exhibit, it features a variety of colors such as pink, blue, yellow, red, purple, brown, and mixes of these colors. IMG_8246There is also the key color of gold that is featured on each physical book that is positioned in front of each storytelling panel. The rhythm within this piece is shown in the way that each panel is next to each other in the form of a story. Each of these panels represents a scene providing a smooth transition of the story being told within the exhibit. The scale of the overall exhibit is big, but features medium sized panel boxes with the characters and scenery. The exhibit also features many different textures which range from the smooth fabric of the curtains, around the pieces, and within the pieces. There is also the texture of the pieces of cotton that is featured in one of the boxes. Another unique texture is that of the wood lever that people who view the exhibit may pull to make certain scenes or characters move.

Content Analysis: This piece is specially focusing on the idea of the conflicting worlds that women have in terms of their sexuality and yet their innocence as children. In this piece, Duran wanted to demonstrate her own struggle of trying to be free withIMG_8249 her own sexuality as an adult woman, but feeling as though there is a struggle between that sexuality and her inner child having a space of it’s own. Duran wanted to express through her fable story exhibit that it is ok as an adult to be afraid. And the way to counter that fear is to not forget about the inner child which makes you who you are today. This is expressed in the way the story talks and shows a young woman who seems to be on both sides of the spectrum through her bondage type dress and yet running through the forest with her teddy bear. She goes on this journey to find answers and runs into characters and beings that represent somebody from her childhood like her old pet. By the end of the story presented in the exhibit the young woman realizes that she has no reason to fear how she views the world. The exhibit demonstrates childhood elements and yet shows sexuality elements to present how both worlds can collide and be beneficial together.

Synthesis/ My Experience: In terms of the overall exhibition and how it resonated with me, I felt that it relates to how I feel when I live my life. I think that as a grown woman I am obligated to grow up. And yet for me I feel it is very important not too lose your inner child and I feel that I demonstrate that playful inner child everyday. Although this is the case, I realized having that side of me seems to collide with my own sexuality and freedom as an adult. After seeing Duran’s exhibit and understanding her ideas I can relate to the struggle of being scared of being between two worlds. I feel that the exhibit talks about ideas in my mind that I never believed other people such as Duran thought about and struggled with. And I feel that after seeing this exhibit, I can feel more comfortable that I am not the only one thinking about these overlapping ideas.