Wk 10 – Art Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning

IMG_8251For this week’s art activity, I was able to approach face to face with the one part of the campus that always had me puzzled since the first day which is the awkward wedge near the USU. When I was watching people pass I already knew there pain after having to pass through it awkwardly for so long. So while I was looking at the piece I was thinking what was the point of having that gap not only there, but also in the middle of the wall next to the gap. I realized that the only point of the gap in the wall was for decoration. There is no pictures in it, mirror or even a working light. At first when I looked at it I noticed the hole for the light above and thought maybe that explains the gap on the side. But when I took a closer look I realized that the hole didn’t even have a light bulb, and neither did the other two on the wall. My first idea for changing the design was to figure out how to at least reduce gap without eliminating so much of the wall that it could cause an imbalance of weight at the top of the structure. So when I kept looking at it and thought again about the middle gap in the wall I thought why not just eliminate the other gap in the wall?

In my design what I decided to do was redraw the wall, but without the unnecessary gap in the wall and just combine both sides together. The whole wall would be symmetrical and it would look nice and simple. What makes this design better is the fact that it eliminates the gap in the middle to compensate for the small gap onIMG_8258 the side. I’m sure when they thought about designing this wall they used the gap as a design feature. And yet the feature doesn’t really bring anything except create a small amount of space for people to try to walk through. The tradeoffs at my site is that this design isn’t changing to much of the original idea that the designer had. It isn’t crazy and it’s subtle in the design. It eliminates the uselessness of the middle gap, and because both walls would be placed together than it makes the awkward gap not so awkward. My choices to redesign it this way was because anything too dramatic would either eliminate the subtle but elegant image of the area, and could provide this obstacle in how the weight of the ceiling part would manage itself.

Honestly if students were to see my change in design a year from now I think it would leave them surprised. The reason for this is because of the realization that the gap truly was weird and at times a bit uncomfortable, and with just a small adjustment the structure isn’t too different and now they will have more space to walk in. Although there will still be this space they need to walk through between two walls, this time around it won’t be so tight. I think with the new design two people would be able to fit together without a problem.


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