Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Christian Infantes and David Valle



For this week’s classmate conversation I was able to have the pleasure of meeting David and Christian. When we first started talking we asked each other what year we were and to my surprise I was the oldest one there. They were both freshman at CSULB. David is majoring in business and Christian is majoring in film. I found out that David likes business because he feels he could get a good job with that degree. For Christian however, he told me that he had initially tried computer science, but knew it wasn’t for him. In high school, school was pretty easy for him, but not fun. I thought that was pretty interesting to hear considering usually whatever is easy is fun. If either of them were to get a minor, David said that he would try Graphic Design as minor and Christian would try Psychology as a minor. As we continued talking we got into the topic of anime. All of us had that in common that we liked anime. David’s favorite animes were Naruto and One Punch Man. For Christian, he enjoyed animes like Hunter x Hunter. We had an interesting conversation on anime because I realized that the ones I watched weren’t really some of the most popular ones, compared to their favorites. We also talked about the type of genre we liked in anime and how they watched it as kids. We also talked about where we were from, and Christian is from South Bay, and David is from Downey.

Although they both don’t live so far away, David was actually born in Guadalajara, Mexico. He had lived there for eleven years until his dad found a job opportunity here in the United States, and they have been living here since. I thought that was pretty interesting so I asked Christian what his ethnicity was. He was both Colombian and Peruvian, which I thought was pretty awesome because I don’t normally hear that pretty often. We also talked about our favorite foods which David said would include anything with meat. The only exception to that would be seafood because David is seriously allergic to it. He said that if he were to eat it he could potentially die. I thought that was so scary knowing how extreme the allergic reaction is. Christian then shared after hard time deciding because he loved eating food so much, that he enjoyed eating carne asada tacos. I also found out that they both loved Spiderman as kids, saying they would wear the costume or watch the cartoons. I found out that Christian’s favorite movies were Blade Runner and The Shining, and David’s was Civil War. David doesn’t really like watching movies or television so this question was a bit hard to answer. This conversation with the both of them was actually pretty fun, I know that we talked longer than we probably all intended because of how close it was to the end of class time. And considering where we were sitting was pretty hot after a while, it was obvious that we cared more about the conversation we were having than getting burned in the sun. I hope to talk to them again they were really chill and fun to talk too.


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