Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Carmina Correa


Artist: Carmina Correa


Media: Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Carmina Correa is a CSULB undergraduate student who is working toward her BFA in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. Some of her interests include professionally playing video games such as Overwatch and Player Unknown Underground. Some of the ideas that her work explores is the focus on the relationship between sugar and diabetes, and the way it effects our bodies and our health.

Formal Analysis: In terms of the formal qualities of the exhibit, there were various materials used such as real food and candy such as ramen and lollipops. There was also a sculpture piece possibly made out of clay in the IMG_8485middle of exhibit.  The lollipops that were spread throughout the exhibit had a blood glucose strip inside each of them. There was also another set of lollipops at the beginning of the exhibit that had each single lollipop featuring a letter or number that is part of the chemical name for sugar. In terms of the lines in this piece, there isn’t really clear lines in this piece. It features more shapes like the similar lollipop shapes and the odd shaped stone sculptures in the middle of the exhibit. In terms of the colors in the exhibit it featured mostly red from the lollipops and in the middle features grey and a bright green. In terms of the rhythm of the piece it has a constant rhythm in terms of the lollipops because of the way they are equally spread around the room in their own stand with the same color and strip inside. In terms of the scale, the materials within the exhibit were small in scale, both the ramen and the lollipops. But the sculptures in the middle on the other hand were a medium size. The texture throughout the piece looked smooth except for the piece in the middle that looked powdery.

Content Analysis: In terms of the ideas behind this exhibit, it focuses on the harsh consequences of sugar on the human body. In my conversation with Correa she IMG_8488discussed that she herself was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, so her relationship with sugar is complicated. She wanted to demonstrate through each of the strips within each lollipop how many times she needed to check her blood glucose level throughout the semester which is symbolized within each lollipop which is the color red. In this exhibit, the color red is a symbol of blood and passion. The symbolism of blood relates back to the way it effects not only her, but others who have diabetes. In terms of the ramen in the exhibit, Correa wanted to continue demonstrating another food that is also harmful to our health which is ramen. She discussed that as college students we tend to eat foods that are cheap and easy to make, and at times these types of food are not always the healthiest choices. In terms of the mysterious sculpture in the middle of the exhibit, she discussed IMG_8490with me that one of the sculptures is a mold of the other sculpture which is supposed to symbolize her body. One of the sculptures is seen as a whole and the other seems broken apart and powdery  which is a symbol as to how her body feels on the inside. She also discussed that the color green of that broken down sculpture is a symbol of the digital and of life. Overall, Correa wanted to emphasize to those who see her exhibit to take or see it however they want because each persons relationship or understanding of diabetes is different.

Synthesis/My Experience: In terms of the overall exhibit and how it resonated with me, I feel that I have a better understanding of the problems that those who have Diabetes have with sugar. I think as someone who does not have Diabetes, I might have taken for granted how easily I can consume what I please without any dire or immediate consequences. On the other hand, those who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes aren’t so lucky, and eventually have a positive and negative relationship with sugar. They may love sugary foods, but they know that in the end it will effect their body and their health. It also resonated with my life because when I was younger I would always see how often my aunt had to test her blood, and I would help her. But I never realized till now how impactful the relationship with Diabetes is when it comes to sugar, and how it can really impact a person’s life.


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