Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Jackie Magana


For this week’s classmate conversation I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie. This conversation was actually pretty interesting and fun because of what we talked about while getting to know each other. When we first introduced each other, and I said my name, she gave a surprise reaction. She automatically said “So your Betty!!”. And of course I was thrown off guard because I had never met her before. Apparently she recognized me from Slack because she always replies to my posts. She said she liked reading them because they were always so deep. I was of course flattered because I didn’t think anyone would actually pay attention to what I wrote on Slack. And from that we went off on a wonderful conversation between the two of us. One of the first things she mentioned was that apparently she just came from running after leaving her car at a gasoline station because her car was smoking up on the freeway. I was so surprised that is a pretty crazy story to hear to come to art class. She said that she was running in sandals and with her bun, and couldn’t believe that she made it. As our conversation continued I found out that she was a freshman and her major is film. In her film major, she wants to get into directing and screenwriting. She had also been thinking of getting a minor in Astrology because she loves math and science which I thought was pretty amazing because I personally don’t like math.

I had recommended to her some comparative world literature classes because it was my minor, but apparently she had already taken a Reading the World class. She would look into it after she had heard me talking about the different classes I had taken in that department. I had her some of her hobbies and she liked to do cardio, hanging out with friends, running, and looking at dog pictures. She apparently looks at dog pictures because her dog ran away. I also found out that she lives with her parents in Maywood. Apparently they also have a lot of pets like pigeons and chickens at home which I thought was pretty unique. Jackie had also told me that she had applied to USC, but was not accepted. Although that was the case she has fallen in love with CSULB. One last thing that she did tell me that actually made me sad was that last semester she had been diagnosed with Lupus, and she had been struggling with dealing with it. But luckily she is now better and coping with it and I was happy to hear that. It was such a pleasure talking with her, and she was just so fun and kind, and I was happy I got to meet her this week.



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