Wk 15 – Art Experience – Design Thinking applied to Life

For this week’s art experience, I had the chance to figure out a way to design my own life. To attempt to try to make my own life I started with my 3 possible Future Me’s. For my first possible future me, specifically the thing I currently think I’ll be doing with my future would be becoming a teacher. For me to become a teacher I would not necessarily have to go to graduate school to have that career. After graduating with a BA in psychology, I could actually obtain a teaching credential which would require me to take classes to prepare me to become a teacher, as well as gain teaching experience. This could include having me be a student teacher so that I can obtain the experience I need to obtain my teaching credential. After becoming a teacher I imagine that my future would honestly include being creative to be able to teach my students concepts in unique ways, and that would include having good students and bad students. Although it would be fun having this career, and my life would be stable to some degree, I feel like my life would include a lot of stress. I say this because teachers don’t get paid a lot for what they are doing, and I would have to meet a lot of deadlines for my students as well. But I think my life would be overall content.

My second possible future for myself in terms of a career if for some reason there wasn’t a lot of teacher positions available or there isn’t enough money to pay teachers, I would probably be working in human resources. To achieve this life I would probably have to go back to school of a few years if I really wanted to secure a job in human resources specifically. If I didn’t want to go back to school then with my BA in psychology, I would probably take internships in company where I could be a human resources intern so that I could gain experience. And with that experience I could achieve the goal of being a human resources manager. In terms of my life in this future, I think it would be very financially secure, and I would be pretty stable in life. Besides the fact that I would be working with many people about problems at work, I think that it would be interesting because I would be applying my people skills and what I learned in psychology. I think I would enjoy the job, and enjoy knowing that I would be content and happy in my life.

And for my third possible future for myself, if I really was financially secure, and I could really do what I want. I would probably want a to have a career of being an artist and selling my work. Art has always been one of those hobbies of mine whether it be drawing or painting sculptures. I like to design ideas and then painting them on sculptures. I used to do it in high school and I actually sold one to a friend of mine, knowing I probably could have continued doing it considering a lot of my friends liked what I did. In order to achieve this career, it wouldn’t be too difficult. Personally I would probably try taking classes in drawing and in sculpture. I would want to learn to make my own sculptures so that I could create molds, and paint all these sculptures with my designs, and then sell them. My life in this future would be so fun and awesome honestly. I would be doing what I love to do and not feel urgent or rushed to do it. The reason for that would be I would financially secure, so I wouldn’t necessarily see the fun of making art deteriorate because it’s not necessarily needed. I’m ultimately doing it for extra cash and showing my capabilities.


In terms of my scale evaluations for my career as a teacher,  I feel that in terms of confidence in actually achieving the career is high. And I think that in terms of my own confidence of the career I think it is pretty high as well. In terms of the resources to become a teacher I think that I would have a lot of resources to my disposal because my mom and I are actually close friends with elementary school teachers which would the type of teacher I would want to be. In terms of impact I think it would be impactful for not only me, but to others. I would feel like I’m growing each day helping students, and I would feel I would be having an impact on my students as well helping them learn. In terms of satisfaction, I think I would be satisfied with what I’m doing with my life which is helping others, but I feel I would not be satisfied with the amount of stress and how much money I would be making.

In terms of my scale evaluations for my career as a HR manager, I feel that I would be confident in becoming an HR manager because I have already started off by having a degree in psychology which can help me to my path in this career. I would just have to have the confidence to wanting to continue to study. In terms of the resources, once again I think I already have the resource of at least having a degree in a related field. I also feel that there are a lot of resources for me to actually find an internship at a company for human resources. In terms of the impact, I think the career would have a big impact on me knowing I could accomplish it, but I do realize that work will take a heavy impact on me in terms of actually working with people and their problems on a constant basis. In terms of satisfaction, I think that I would be satisfied with the process of achieving this career, and I would also enjoy the job which can help others, as well as receive good pay.

In terms of my scale evaluations for my last career as an artist. I feel that my confidence in being an artist who sells their work is pretty high considering I have had these ideas for a while and have tried to sell them. And I feel confident that I would be able to continue making art to sell for my career. In terms of resources, I think I would be high on that rating scale because of the way I know I can easily search out for art classes and people who can teach me how to get better. In terms of impact I feel like it would have a big impact on myself because I know that I love doing art and being able to do it for work with the addition of being financially stable is great. In terms of satisfaction, I think I would be highly satisfied once again because I would be doing a job that relates back to one of my passions.

In terms of the Rapid prototype part of the process, I was only able to do one interview with one person who has one of the careers I wanted and that was elementary school teacher. I briefly talked to my 1st grade teacher who knows my mom for many years, and lives not too far with me and asked her about how her life was as being an elementary school teacher. She told me that it was actually very fulfilling because she was able to make an impact on the lives of children. She had me as a student so for her to see students like me grow up and come back to see her really makes an impact on her in what she does. She said this part of the job is pretty fulfilling, but that the district is a bit tough on the teachers to fulfill certain deadlines and keep everyone at a certain speed, while some students may fall behind. She basically stated that overall her life and career was great considering she has been a teacher for years and gets paid well, but she doesn’t like seeing some of her students struggle due to forces and rules of the district.

The other part of the process was to make a LinkedIn account which was pretty easy to do, and I wish I would have done it before. It was an interesting experience because I never really knew what the website was for, I thought it was just a job search website, but it wasn’t. I just started so I haven’t really made any connections, but I did search elementary school teacher and found some people who I haven’t inmailed yet, but plan too. I also looked for human resources and found many hits of people who work in human resources at various companies. Now in terms of the practice part of the rapid prototype process, I actually went one morning to sit in to my elementary school teachers classroom, and helped her out with the students and watched her teach the class.

Overall, I concluded that after going through this entire process I realized that I would honestly wish I had the opportunity of being an artist and not have to worry about the financial necessities I would have to meet. Although at the moment I do not see that happening because of my student loans soon to come, I know that I might actually be interested in both a elementary school teacher job or a human resources job. Although I seem to lean toward the human resources because of the way that being a teacher comes with a lot of extra baggage, even though it seems very beneficial in the end because I would be helping people which is one of my goals in terms of careers.


Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Sohee Son


For this week’s final classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Sohee. It was interesting how we got to talking because we were actually the last ones in the class to not have a partner. When I went up and started talking to her I found out that she was studying Graphic Design. I could tell from her ID card that was the case because she could draw really well. She told me that she was a third year here at CSULB, and she is actually from South Korea. I thought that was so awesome because my best friend was actually studying abroad in South Korea. I asked her why she came specifically to CSULB, and she said they had a good graphic design program and that’s why she came. I asked her some of her hobbies and she had similar hobbies with me. She liked to draw, and play Overwatch.

I was so surprised that she played Overwatch because of how big of a coincidence it was to meet someone else in class who plays it. I found out she likes to play competitive in the game, and that she is ranked silver. Her favorite characters to play are Reaper and Pharah. Although she said that Reaper is a bit hard to play with so she prefers to play Pharah. She had actually asked me who I played with and I told her that I loved to play Sombra. Sohee also told me that because she has her computer in Korea, she actually goes to PC rooms in town so she can play not just overwatch, but also racing games, and music games. She also told me that she liked animes like Spirited away, Howl’s Flying Castle and others. She strongly recommended that watched the two I mentioned, and I told her that I would because I know they are classics. Sadly, she was actually in a rush because she had to go somewhere so I wasn’t able to take a picture with her. Although that’s the case, I did enjoy meeting her and I found it awesome that we played the same video game.

Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden


For this week’s art activity we got to do sketch parts of the Japanese Garden. Prior to this visit, in my four years at CSULB I had never been to the Japanese Garden. I always seemed to put it off, and I’m happy that at least before I graduate I was able to experience the beauty of it. I think it was a scenery so beautiful part of me wondered why I never came here to study or to do work because of how peaceful it was. To think that I would do my art assignment here was simply awesome to think about, and at the end it was.

In terms of the experience, to me it felt a little bit difficult just because the things that I usually draw aren’t realistic. I normally don’t draw plants or nature in general because it is difficult for me to draw it. But the experience was interesting because it was IMG_8640something different than normal. Also I felt like I did it a little differently than most people. A lot of people just had one piece of paper and they basically did different parts of the scenery, and put it together. I guess I might have misinterpreted the instructions because I actually drew the parts of the garden in different random parts. I didn’t actually draw the landscape as a whole because I was focusing on various different parts of the garden. So in the end my sketches really were almost all separate sketches done at different times of the process of the assignment. Although mine did end up looking different than even my friends sketch, I enjoyed trying to draw the different parts of the garden. I also realized during this experience that it is really hard not erasing what you’ve done in terms of sketching. I think we are such perfectionists sometimes that we can’t possibly fix what we did with more lines. Personally that’s how I feel all the time when I’m drawing and I can just easily erase what I did wrong, but not here.

It was actually refreshing doing it without erasing because it didn’t turn it out that bad, it actually just provided more layers that I didn’t have previously. It’s almost like creating a IMG_8641new sketch again. I did realize after this experience however that I really do have difficulty drawing trees and plants. I see the world I guess in a cartoon perspective and more unrealistic so its hard for me to replicating exactly what I’m seeing. That is why by the end of the process of sketching I liked that I had the option to sketch into my previous sketches something that wasn’t actually part of the original landscape. I did that in some of my sketches where I would add branches with leaves that weren’t actually part of the plant or tree. Overall, I found the experience to be refreshing and enjoyable especially in the scenery we were in. I loved how beautiful everything was and how cool and beautiful the koi fish are. I hope to one day come back after I graduate to enjoy this scenery again and maybe do another sketch in the garden



Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Jared Malabed


For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Jared. He is currently a junior and his major is mechanical engineering. I talked to him about his major specifically about whether he loved math because he was studying in engineering. He stated that he didn’t necessarily love math, but he did love getting paid. After I had asked him about his major, I asked him whether he had a minor or not, and he said he did and didn’t plan on getting one because he doesn’t have the time considering he wants to finish in four years. He was not a transfer to CSULB, he actually started at CSULB straight from freshman year. He is not a native of Long Beach, but instead of San Jose. Personally, I wanted to know which area he preferred, Long Beach or San Jose. His answer was San Jose because he felt that it was too crowded in Long Beach and San Jose was calmer and less crowded. In San Jose, he lives close to the beach and loves to surf. He also loves cars, and he drives a BMW. He also told me that he loved sports, but he got hurt in high school in both of the sports he was playing.

I asked him what sports, and what happened, and he told me that in high school he used to play in the soccer team and the lacrosse team. Sadly, in soccer he tore his quad, and later on playing lacrosse he tore his hamstring. I thought that was so gnarly to hear, especially if you love sports so much. Although that did happen to him he occasionally goes back to his old high school and plays with his old teammates which I found really cool. I also found out that he is Filipino, Hawaiian, and a quarter Italian. I also found out that Jared isn’t big on movies or tv shows as well. As we continued our conversation I asked him about his job or jobs, and he said that he worked in air conditioning, and did research in the summer. He had also worked in a job where they would do furniture planning for companies that were moving to a new building. I told him that I never knew that even had a job like that and that his job was pretty unique. He also got a job offering in Los Angeles and in San Francisco to do the job he enjoys of air conditioning. And that when he takes the job he would preferably take it in San Francisco because he feels its cleaner over there. Overall our conversation was fun and very interesting. He was really nice and outgoing and I’m glad I got to meet him.