Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden


For this week’s art activity we got to do sketch parts of the Japanese Garden. Prior to this visit, in my four years at CSULB I had never been to the Japanese Garden. I always seemed to put it off, and I’m happy that at least before I graduate I was able to experience the beauty of it. I think it was a scenery so beautiful part of me wondered why I never came here to study or to do work because of how peaceful it was. To think that I would do my art assignment here was simply awesome to think about, and at the end it was.

In terms of the experience, to me it felt a little bit difficult just because the things that I usually draw aren’t realistic. I normally don’t draw plants or nature in general because it is difficult for me to draw it. But the experience was interesting because it was IMG_8640something different than normal. Also I felt like I did it a little differently than most people. A lot of people just had one piece of paper and they basically did different parts of the scenery, and put it together. I guess I might have misinterpreted the instructions because I actually drew the parts of the garden in different random parts. I didn’t actually draw the landscape as a whole because I was focusing on various different parts of the garden. So in the end my sketches really were almost all separate sketches done at different times of the process of the assignment. Although mine did end up looking different than even my friends sketch, I enjoyed trying to draw the different parts of the garden. I also realized during this experience that it is really hard not erasing what you’ve done in terms of sketching. I think we are such perfectionists sometimes that we can’t possibly fix what we did with more lines. Personally that’s how I feel all the time when I’m drawing and I can just easily erase what I did wrong, but not here.

It was actually refreshing doing it without erasing because it didn’t turn it out that bad, it actually just provided more layers that I didn’t have previously. It’s almost like creating a IMG_8641new sketch again. I did realize after this experience however that I really do have difficulty drawing trees and plants. I see the world I guess in a cartoon perspective and more unrealistic so its hard for me to replicating exactly what I’m seeing. That is why by the end of the process of sketching I liked that I had the option to sketch into my previous sketches something that wasn’t actually part of the original landscape. I did that in some of my sketches where I would add branches with leaves that weren’t actually part of the plant or tree. Overall, I found the experience to be refreshing and enjoyable especially in the scenery we were in. I loved how beautiful everything was and how cool and beautiful the koi fish are. I hope to one day come back after I graduate to enjoy this scenery again and maybe do another sketch in the garden




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