Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Jared Malabed


For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Jared. He is currently a junior and his major is mechanical engineering. I talked to him about his major specifically about whether he loved math because he was studying in engineering. He stated that he didn’t necessarily love math, but he did love getting paid. After I had asked him about his major, I asked him whether he had a minor or not, and he said he did and didn’t plan on getting one because he doesn’t have the time considering he wants to finish in four years. He was not a transfer to CSULB, he actually started at CSULB straight from freshman year. He is not a native of Long Beach, but instead of San Jose. Personally, I wanted to know which area he preferred, Long Beach or San Jose. His answer was San Jose because he felt that it was too crowded in Long Beach and San Jose was calmer and less crowded. In San Jose, he lives close to the beach and loves to surf. He also loves cars, and he drives a BMW. He also told me that he loved sports, but he got hurt in high school in both of the sports he was playing.

I asked him what sports, and what happened, and he told me that in high school he used to play in the soccer team and the lacrosse team. Sadly, in soccer he tore his quad, and later on playing lacrosse he tore his hamstring. I thought that was so gnarly to hear, especially if you love sports so much. Although that did happen to him he occasionally goes back to his old high school and plays with his old teammates which I found really cool. I also found out that he is Filipino, Hawaiian, and a quarter Italian. I also found out that Jared isn’t big on movies or tv shows as well. As we continued our conversation I asked him about his job or jobs, and he said that he worked in air conditioning, and did research in the summer. He had also worked in a job where they would do furniture planning for companies that were moving to a new building. I told him that I never knew that even had a job like that and that his job was pretty unique. He also got a job offering in Los Angeles and in San Francisco to do the job he enjoys of air conditioning. And that when he takes the job he would preferably take it in San Francisco because he feels its cleaner over there. Overall our conversation was fun and very interesting. He was really nice and outgoing and I’m glad I got to meet him.


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