Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Sohee Son


For this week’s final classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Sohee. It was interesting how we got to talking because we were actually the last ones in the class to not have a partner. When I went up and started talking to her I found out that she was studying Graphic Design. I could tell from her ID card that was the case because she could draw really well. She told me that she was a third year here at CSULB, and she is actually from South Korea. I thought that was so awesome because my best friend was actually studying abroad in South Korea. I asked her why she came specifically to CSULB, and she said they had a good graphic design program and that’s why she came. I asked her some of her hobbies and she had similar hobbies with me. She liked to draw, and play Overwatch.

I was so surprised that she played Overwatch because of how big of a coincidence it was to meet someone else in class who plays it. I found out she likes to play competitive in the game, and that she is ranked silver. Her favorite characters to play are Reaper and Pharah. Although she said that Reaper is a bit hard to play with so she prefers to play Pharah. She had actually asked me who I played with and I told her that I loved to play Sombra. Sohee also told me that because she has her computer in Korea, she actually goes to PC rooms in town so she can play not just overwatch, but also racing games, and music games. She also told me that she liked animes like Spirited away, Howl’s Flying Castle and others. She strongly recommended that watched the two I mentioned, and I told her that I would because I know they are classics. Sadly, she was actually in a rush because she had to go somewhere so I wasn’t able to take a picture with her. Although that’s the case, I did enjoy meeting her and I found it awesome that we played the same video game.


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