Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Christian Infantes and David Valle



For this week’s classmate conversation I was able to have the pleasure of meeting David and Christian. When we first started talking we asked each other what year we were and to my surprise I was the oldest one there. They were both freshman at CSULB. David is majoring in business and Christian is majoring in film. I found out that David likes business because he feels he could get a good job with that degree. For Christian however, he told me that he had initially tried computer science, but knew it wasn’t for him. In high school, school was pretty easy for him, but not fun. I thought that was pretty interesting to hear considering usually whatever is easy is fun. If either of them were to get a minor, David said that he would try Graphic Design as minor and Christian would try Psychology as a minor. As we continued talking we got into the topic of anime. All of us had that in common that we liked anime. David’s favorite animes were Naruto and One Punch Man. For Christian, he enjoyed animes like Hunter x Hunter. We had an interesting conversation on anime because I realized that the ones I watched weren’t really some of the most popular ones, compared to their favorites. We also talked about the type of genre we liked in anime and how they watched it as kids. We also talked about where we were from, and Christian is from South Bay, and David is from Downey.

Although they both don’t live so far away, David was actually born in Guadalajara, Mexico. He had lived there for eleven years until his dad found a job opportunity here in the United States, and they have been living here since. I thought that was pretty interesting so I asked Christian what his ethnicity was. He was both Colombian and Peruvian, which I thought was pretty awesome because I don’t normally hear that pretty often. We also talked about our favorite foods which David said would include anything with meat. The only exception to that would be seafood because David is seriously allergic to it. He said that if he were to eat it he could potentially die. I thought that was so scary knowing how extreme the allergic reaction is. Christian then shared after hard time deciding because he loved eating food so much, that he enjoyed eating carne asada tacos. I also found out that they both loved Spiderman as kids, saying they would wear the costume or watch the cartoons. I found out that Christian’s favorite movies were Blade Runner and The Shining, and David’s was Civil War. David doesn’t really like watching movies or television so this question was a bit hard to answer. This conversation with the both of them was actually pretty fun, I know that we talked longer than we probably all intended because of how close it was to the end of class time. And considering where we were sitting was pretty hot after a while, it was obvious that we cared more about the conversation we were having than getting burned in the sun. I hope to talk to them again they were really chill and fun to talk too.


Wk 10 – Art Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning

IMG_8251For this week’s art activity, I was able to approach face to face with the one part of the campus that always had me puzzled since the first day which is the awkward wedge near the USU. When I was watching people pass I already knew there pain after having to pass through it awkwardly for so long. So while I was looking at the piece I was thinking what was the point of having that gap not only there, but also in the middle of the wall next to the gap. I realized that the only point of the gap in the wall was for decoration. There is no pictures in it, mirror or even a working light. At first when I looked at it I noticed the hole for the light above and thought maybe that explains the gap on the side. But when I took a closer look I realized that the hole didn’t even have a light bulb, and neither did the other two on the wall. My first idea for changing the design was to figure out how to at least reduce gap without eliminating so much of the wall that it could cause an imbalance of weight at the top of the structure. So when I kept looking at it and thought again about the middle gap in the wall I thought why not just eliminate the other gap in the wall?

In my design what I decided to do was redraw the wall, but without the unnecessary gap in the wall and just combine both sides together. The whole wall would be symmetrical and it would look nice and simple. What makes this design better is the fact that it eliminates the gap in the middle to compensate for the small gap onIMG_8258 the side. I’m sure when they thought about designing this wall they used the gap as a design feature. And yet the feature doesn’t really bring anything except create a small amount of space for people to try to walk through. The tradeoffs at my site is that this design isn’t changing to much of the original idea that the designer had. It isn’t crazy and it’s subtle in the design. It eliminates the uselessness of the middle gap, and because both walls would be placed together than it makes the awkward gap not so awkward. My choices to redesign it this way was because anything too dramatic would either eliminate the subtle but elegant image of the area, and could provide this obstacle in how the weight of the ceiling part would manage itself.

Honestly if students were to see my change in design a year from now I think it would leave them surprised. The reason for this is because of the realization that the gap truly was weird and at times a bit uncomfortable, and with just a small adjustment the structure isn’t too different and now they will have more space to walk in. Although there will still be this space they need to walk through between two walls, this time around it won’t be so tight. I think with the new design two people would be able to fit together without a problem.

Wk9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing


For this art experience I got to do something I never thought I would get the chance to do which is Graffiti Writing. This experience was very different for me because I never tried spray painting anything in general. I bought both of my spray paints from Home Depot, and tried to draw out a hand drawn sketch of what I wanted to do. For the cardboard I was able to ask my boyfriend to bring me a cardboard box from work. I ended up opening it up flat and took only a part of it to use. I felt that if I used most of it, it would be end up looking weird because it wasn’t just a flat cardboard with no gaps in it. So I decided only to use one part of the cardboard.

To actually start spray painting I took the cardboard outside and decided to practice FullSizeRender2spraying a heart or something and it kind of worked. At that moment I went to get the bigger piece of cardboard from the box and I went outside and made sure the wind was not blowing in my direction. The two colors that I was going to use for my project were black and turquoise. The only problem that I was thinking about before I started was that the cardboard piece was going to be too small for what I wanted to do. When I actually started writing the letters I realized that the B I made was a bit big and I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit the other letters on the cardboard so I tried my best.

In the end the experience was interesting because it was actually harder making my letters than I thought. I kept going over each one over and over again because I messed up on the lines and how I wanted to do it. And I ended up trying again on a smaller piece of cardboard to write my name. Although the pieces didn’t come out the way I wanted, I at least know to get a bigger piece for the next time. I think I underestimated the size of the cardboard and that’s why the first letter I sprayed messed up the rest of my idea because I lost track of the outline of the letters a bit and the layers of paint would blend with the previous layer at times as well. This experience honestly made me realize that the art and skill of graffiti writing is honestly a real talent because you really have to know what your planning to do, and for me I know to get better I would have to keep practicing and have more room to do what I want. Overall, I loved the experience and it had me doing something outside of what I would normally do in terms of an art project. I hope to one day do it again and have more colors and a bigger space to experiment.

Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Dulce Soledad Ibarra


Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Recuerdos

Media: Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West

Website: https://www.dulcesoledadibarra.com/

Dulce Soledad Ibarra is a CSULB undergraduate who is working toward her BFA in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. Andrea is from Chino, CA, and is a senior at CSULB. Her first language  is Spanish, and her second language is English. Some of her interests include singing karaoke, specifically Spanish songs by Selena and Juan Gabriel.  And some of the ideas that her work explores is the value of objects.

Formal Analysis: In terms of the formal qualities of the work, it features various pieces throughout the work. It features a piano, dolls, clothing, cloths, clocks, a IMG_8123dresser, small trinkets, porcelain statues, small cups, yarn, plastic flowers, bird cages and other items. The piece looks like a small room in the center of the gallery with all the pieces closely placed together. The overall exhibit features various lines and shapes because of the different little antiques and trinkets that are in each part of the different pieces of furniture including the piano. The main bright color of the piece is yellow. Yellow is the color of all the pieces of furniture such as the mini closet and dresser. The rest of the piece features many different colors. The rhythm of the piece seems to be a bit in unison because all the pieces are closely placed together in each open space making it easy to glide through all the various pieces that are in the exhibit. In terms of the scale of the overall exhibit it looks small because it is not openly spread out throughout the exhibit room, but placed in the middle of the room. The pieces within the furniture and on top of the furniture range from very small cups IMG_8122or figurines to medium to big dolls, and statues. The textures of the piece range from the wood texture of the furniture to the smooth porcelain texture of some of the statues. Overall, the piece features various textures throughout it.

Content Analysis: In terms of the ideas behind this piece, it relates back to the collection of items that Ibarra’s aunt had before her passing. The ideas focus on how her aunt had continuously throughout her life collected different pieces and with these pieces came these memories of a particular event or celebration. Ibarra focuses not on memories in general, but the way that through these items they each represent a particular moment in life. The exhibit focuses on the way that her family tended to collect items for the sake of collecting, and yet in reality it was more than something that may have seemed like hoarding, but as way to step through memory lane of all the celebrations and IMG_8120festivities of a person’s life time. Ibarra also wanted to focus on ageism as well by her discussion of how her aunt was small like a child, but wise like an adult and it is reflected in the piece.

Synthesis/ My Experience: In terms of the overall exhibition and how it resonated with me, I felt that it resonated very closely to me and how my own family is. She and I are both from Hispanic backgrounds, and looking at the piece reminded me a lot of my own aunts and my grandma. When I would look at the piece it reminded me of the type of things my aunt would have in her room from bear statues to little girl statues and dolls or anything cute in general. When I saw the piece I also thought about the little room my own grandma used to have with the hand woven table cloths, to the dolls, and the hand woven blankets and clothing. It resonated so much with many memories of those rooms especially now that my grandmother passed away not in December. The ideas that Ibarra presents also remind me of my own views on recuerdos and how in reality their are different meanings in translating the word recuerdos to English. And I feel that the way she presented her exhibit really explores what it really means by memories or recuerdos through her late aunt’s collection and room pieces.



Wk8 – Art Experience – Finger painting


For this art experience, I got to do a fun activity of finger painting. When I first heard we had to do this activity I was a bit curious on how it would turn out considering it is abstract. I actually did more than three colors for this project, this included purple, this teal turquoise color, metallic blue and metallic purple. My dad and I like to paint things in our spare time so I decided to use some metallic paints that we have. I was hoping that it would make the painting look different. The experience was very fun and enjoyable. In all honesty I felt like I was in kindergarten playing with paint again. At first I only used some drops of paint, but really to really get to feel the paint all over I continuously kept putting paint on the paper and it made me more excited. I actually wanted to put almost all the IMG_8081paint, but I know it would have been crazy messy. But in the end I did use more paint than I expected, and was happy that I did. The paint felt so weird at first, but at the same time it felt nice. The feeling of the paint on my fingers felt relaxing and fun. I just kept moving my fingers everywhere and trying to mix the colors while not combining them too much, but overall the experience was so uplifting. I loved the experience and I loved the colors I chose because it left a sparkly finish and it involved some of my favorite colors making the experience very enjoyable.

In the end the experience was a bit hard and different than I expected. It was a bit hard because when I would put more paint, then the paint would just become layered when I just wanted different lines of paint. So to try to get all the colors visible I would put different colors on top of others so they wouldn’t be too mixed up and so certain colors would pop out. It was also different because I didn’t think it was going to be that fun, but it was and I actually didn’t want to stop painting. In terms of making a painting that had no subject I found it liberating and inspiring instead of confusing and frustrating. The reason behind this is because with this no subject painting you are free to do as you wish with no IMG_8083limitation. For a painting with a subject you are confined and are expected to have it look like the subject you are trying to paint. I feel at those times with a painting with a subject it can be a bit frustrating when it isn’t coming out the way you want. Comparing this painting to other paintings I have seen, I mean it’s kind of hard to compare them because this seems to be a painting with no real idea in mind. The only painting I could think of would be those of Jackson Pollock because his seem to be so random. The crazy part of his were that he splashed painted and his paintbrush with paint and it would make all these colors on the canvas. He might have had a particular idea in mind considering most of his paintings look the same. This finger painting was even more random than Pollock’s or most paintings out in the art world. And I think it came out pretty cool, and the end it was fun to create.


Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Danielle Banuelos


For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle. When we started our conversation she let me know that she was actually a fifth year at CSULB. It actually caught me by surprise because it’s rare to find someone who is there longer than a fourth year. She told me that she was going to walk in the spring and graduate this fall. I thought that she was actually in her fifth year because she wanted to continue studying in her major of Health Science. Sadly however, I found out that the reason she was going to graduate in her fifth year instead of her fourth year was because during one of her semesters her brother passed away. This sudden loss of a family member took a strong toll on her which affected her schoolwork. I couldn’t believe she had to go through something like that, but I was happy that she was able to push through and is now able to graduate soon.

As we continued our conversation I found out that she also has a minor in child development which goes along with her current job. She works as a teacher aide for a kindergarten class in a school in Monrovia. After talking about school and her work, I wanted to know what she enjoyed to do in her spare time and she told me she liked staying at home and watching movies and Netflix. I was curious to know what her favorite movie was and it was The Sandlot, which is also one of my favorites as well. She also mentioned that she loves the movie Lilo and Stitch. I told her that my boyfriend also enjoys that movie and does a good imitation of Stitch. Another hobby that she likes is traveling. She told me that she has been to Seattle, Vancover, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Reno. And she hopes to travel to Chicago or New Orleans soon. Danielle was very nice and outgoing, and I’m glad I got to meet and get to know her.

Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Miguel Cabada


For this week’s classmate conversation I had the pleasure of meeting Miguel Cabada. We started off our conversation talking about our ethnicity. We both realized that we were both Mexican, and asked each other where our parents are from. In comparison to my parents, his parents are from a different part of Mexico. His father his from Sinaloa, and his mother is from Michoacán. When we were talking about Mexico he actually told me that he lived in Mexico for a few years and just got back to the U.S not too long ago. I thought that was so interesting because being in a different culture for a while is a change of pace when you go back to where you were born. I can relate to some degree because I mentioned to him that I had been to Mexico to visit my family not too long ago. Although I didn’t stay for years, that week or two that I stayed really changes you to the different customs and environment you are in. After we finished talking about Mexico, I wanted to know what year and major he was. He told me that he was actually a freshman and that his major at the moment was computer engineering. He mentioned that if computer engineering doesn’t work out, he wanted to go into business.

Because it was his first year I wanted to know how he was liking CSULB so far, and he said that he liked it. He actually lives in Compton, and wanted to come to CSULB and didn’t want to go to CSUDH. Although he likes it at CSULB, he is currently not living in the dorms because they are a bit experience, but he hopes to one day be able to so that he could have the experience. Personally as a senior, I couldn’t really tell him how the experience is because I live pretty close to CSULB, so I never lived in the dorms. After talking about school I wanted to know more about his hobbies and found out that he likes to play soccer specifically indoor soccer. I thought that was pretty unique considering that I’ve never played indoor soccer. Because he played soccer I wanted to know if he had any favorite soccer teams, and his favorites included FC Barcelona and Juventus. He also likes watching Narcos the Netflix show and driving. Although he still practicing driving, he told me if he could drive a particular type of car he would drive a Jeep which I personally don’t hear too often. He also told me that a movie he likes to watch his Cop Out. I told him that I actually thought that movie was pretty funny and was one of my favorites too. Overall, I really enjoyed our conversation and had a fun time meeting Miguel and getting to know him.